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Great Vintage Kitchen Gadget-Norton cyrstolon knife sharpener

My wife and I collect in a low-impact kind of way antique or vintage kitchen gadgets, particularly if they have wooden or bakelite green handles (for my wife) or if they are interesting antique cutting tools (me, but both categories have lots of cross-over).

Last time out, while in Nacogdoches, Texas, just catercorner from the opera house, my wife turned up an unusual looking gadget that fit the bill.

We brought it home and I gave it a careful look.  The dark part is very obviously a sharpening stone, of the fineness that folks might use to produce a razor edge.  The handle describes it as a Norton crystolon sharpener.  I’ve been using it a couple of days now, trying to make it stand in place of the steel I try to use every time I pull out my knives.

I have a big collection of kitchen knives, all high-carbon steel and none of them stainless.  They produce an incredible edge, but have to be carefully maintained.  I try to have them professionally sharpened at least once a year, and try at least every other month to work through a trio of Arkansas whetstones.  But I don’t think this gets the results I could or should get.

This new tool seems the answer.  It’s now in my knife drawer and will get regular use, not just as a nice antique. Hitting the knives with it on a regular basis may be the answer.  Highly recommended.  I poked around for another one online to give as a Christmas gift for an aspiring chef….

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