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“Fried Out Chicken Fat With Attached Skin”

So says the smaller print on the label of Kim’s Chicken Cracklings, depicted below.  I’m pretty sure reading between the lines that this is a product very particular to the Mississippi Delta’s melting pot– where the Chinese Grocer community and the Black community meet.

I was driving back from a mission in Benton County to save everyone’s favorite tomato farm (Mission Accomplished! And in record time– process served Saturday! Summary Judgment motion filed Tuesday! Summary Judgment heard and granted ten days after it was filed!) and, to celebrate, stopped at Betty Davis store for a barbecue sandwich and a cold beverage of the sort unavailable cold in stores in Oxford, and there, right by the counter, was a package of

Kim’s Chicken Cracklings

Ready to Eat


Kim’s Processing Plant 3rd St. Clarksdale, Miss

On the back we are counseled to “Try it With Hot Sauce.”  A 4g serving has 1.5 g of saturated fat.  Doing a little math and converting tells me that the stuff is over 1/4 pure saturated fat, and each 2 oz package has about .56 of an ounce of same.  And other than 280 calories and 40% (!) of your daily recommended salt intake, that’s about it diet-wise.

The ingredients are “chicken skins with attached fat, salt, garlic powder, sugar,” and MSG.  Serving suggestions:  “Try Fried Cracklings with Soup and Salad, TV Snacks, Parties and All Beverages.”

If anyone wants some, I’ve a package I don’t intend to sample.

Chicken Cracklings

18 comments to “Fried Out Chicken Fat With Attached Skin”

  • Alan @ YallPolitics

    Chicken cracklings sounds awesome. That’s up there with deep fried peanuts (eat ‘em shell and all).

    I freaking love the South.

  • Ben

    MSG. That says enough for me to know not to eat that stuff. MSG outta be banned as a threat to human civilization.

  • biker

    you know i’d like to see a little more fat. “morphine”

  • Chico Harris

    I love Kim’s, been eating them for years and think the taste is one of the world’s great pleasures. Stopped at Betty Davis yesterday on the way to Memphis and got a BBQ sandwich and Kim’s.

  • Ben

    Oh … about your Benton County sortie: is it now the law in the 18th Chancery District that propane-powered sound cannons can be used by us hoi polloi to drive our neighbors crazy under the guise of warding off deer? Where are propane cannons sold?


  • NMC


    You have to have an agricultural operation in business for more than one year.

    Is that the case?

  • Ben

    Well … I have 3 tomato plants that are about done for the year. Sweetie Pie has a buncha flowers and stuff I have to mow around. And I’m sprigging St. Augustine grass around the yard. If all that doesn’t constitute agricultural operations, tell me what does.

    Speaking of neighborly disputes, you might enjoy this:


  • BlackBear

    The ineffeciveness of the timed propane blasters has been proven for now more than 10 years. A quick search can find you a host of private studies as well as literature from state agricultural organizations flatly rejecting the effectiveness (paricularly long-term) of propane cannons…http://digitalcommons.unl.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1613&context=icwdm_usdanwrc or “Deer adapt quickly to frightening devices. Research shows that propane cannons, deer guards, shell crackers, and lasers are ineffective at reducing deer damage. Moreover, audio and visual frightening devices that use noise may cause problems with neighbors in suburban areas.” (Univ. of Nebraska Lincoln).

    The statute reads ” “Agricultural operation” also includes the use of farm machinery, equipment, devices, chemicals, products for agricultural use, materials and structures designed for agricultural use and are in compliance with any applicable state and federal permits.” I wonder if such a practice, that has both been found to be completely ineffective and identified as a disturbance to surrounding neighbors, could be classified as the “best agricultural management practice.” Did the neighbors raise that as an issue?

  • I have been enjoying the BBQ flavored Kim’s for about 3 years now while traveling from Little Rock to Huntsville Al, every few months to visit my brother. What I’d like to find is a source locally, or online. Thanks for the post.

  • mack c

    could you please keep your hattiesburg stores stocked. i bought three stores out in hattiesburg and always have to wait 2 months for the chicken skins to come back. i do not eat pork and love your chicken cracklin. my phone number is 601-606-4112. could you call me and let me know what locations you stock chicken cracklin and when.particular your stores near broadway or pine street.also if you can i would like about 25 of my brothers to taste these chicken cracklin because we are all muslim and as you know we do not eat pork.may god bless your buisness and thank you. my address is 605 j c killingsworth st. hattiesburg ms. 39401 my name is mack or omar. if you have sample bags of chicken cracklin please send to this address so my brothers can taste them. by the way my brothers also own about 10 stores here and this might mean buisness. thank you for your time.

  • Roxie Rencher

    I would like to know how I can get these skin,they’re hard to come by in Livingston,Alabama,I love them but can,t find them in this area

  • Stephen Schneider

    You can order a box of Kim’s Chicken Cracklings by calling the factory at (662) 627-2389. I get twenty packets at a time, half regular and half barbecue. I’d recommend freezing them or at the very least refrigerating them, as they go bad after a few weeks.

    I visited the factory last year. It’s at the edge of Clarksdale in an Art Deco building. The founder’s son was very cordial. He said his dad owned a Chinese restaurant in a nearby small town and used to wonder at the locals’ love of pork rinds. He thought he could do the same with chicken skins, and after much experimentation he succeeded. Now his workers tend sixteen woks inside the plant to turn out chicken cracklings for sale all over the South. A great immigrant success story.

  • Mandy

    I don’t care what is in them. I love these things. They are very hard to find so I will start ordering from the plant. Thanks for the number

  • please help me find out where to buy kims pork and chicken cracklins. I have heard about them and have been waning to try them.

  • sexycreation85

    I love chicken cracklings

  • Georgia Clayton

    How do I order these? I live in Indiana and would like to get some of these. Thanks for the info.

  • Lynda Montgomery

    I love Kim’s chicken cracklings i buy 9 bags @ one time they are hard to find. I live in Amory,Ms i wish they were in my home town.They are off da chain you gonna try em. Lynda Strong

  • robin

    Love them I order by the box on there website

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