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“Fried Out Chicken Fat With Attached Skin”

So says the smaller print on the label of Kim’s Chicken Cracklings, depicted below.  I’m pretty sure reading between the lines that this is a product very particular to the Mississippi Delta’s melting pot– where the Chinese Grocer community and the Black community meet.

I was driving back from a mission in Benton County to save everyone’s favorite tomato farm (Mission Accomplished! And in record time– process served Saturday! Summary Judgment motion filed Tuesday! Summary Judgment heard and granted ten days after it was filed!) and, to celebrate, stopped at Betty Davis store for a barbecue sandwich and a cold beverage of the sort unavailable cold in stores in Oxford, and there, right by the counter, was a package of

Kim’s Chicken Cracklings

Ready to Eat


Kim’s Processing Plant 3rd St. Clarksdale, Miss

On the back we are counseled to “Try it With Hot Sauce.”  A 4g serving has 1.5 g of saturated fat.  Doing a little math and converting tells me that the stuff is over 1/4 pure saturated fat, and each 2 oz package has about .56 of an ounce of same.  And other than 280 calories and 40% (!) of your daily recommended salt intake, that’s about it diet-wise.

The ingredients are “chicken skins with attached fat, salt, garlic powder, sugar,” and MSG.  Serving suggestions:  “Try Fried Cracklings with Soup and Salad, TV Snacks, Parties and All Beverages.”

If anyone wants some, I’ve a package I don’t intend to sample.

Chicken Cracklings

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