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Early Summer Breakfast

Summer fruit

One of my favorite breakfasts is blueberries from my yard, peaches from Cherry Creek Orchard in Pontotoc, blackberries from another grower at MidTown Farmer’s Market (sorry I didn’t get the name), cantaloupes (these are from Lucedale because locals aren’t in yet, which seems a little late. I’ve learned to time all these things that go together), a little demara sugar, some Greek yogurt, and some Brown Family Dairy Farm milk.  This goes on for perhaps a little under a month.

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  • That appears to be entirely too healthy with all that fruit and Greek yogurt. I am going for some pancakes–but they do have blueberries in them.

  • The very early peaches from Cherry Creek were not ideal( 2 weeks ago). The nectarines were better. Nectarines are superior in any case. I am told there are some later peaches and nectarines on their way.
    Blueberries are one of the foods of the gods (also gourmet chocolate, any of several cheeses, last years Cherry Creek nectarines). Those I got at Tupelo’s farmer’s market saturday have disappeared by the handful. My bushes are still developing, so I have to depend upon the kindness of strangers…

  • NMC

    I missed the first week of Cherry Creek peaches. These early ones are cling peaches; freestone come later. I prefer peaches to nectarines, although like both (and have not seen the nectarines) and have been very happy with the two bags from Cherry Creek so far. Unlike another local grower, they let them ripen on the tree and they are ready to eat when purchased.

  • NMC

    Suzassippi, the bowl of fruit is all about how good the fresh summer fruit is. Healthiness is so distant a consideration as to be not one at all. Basically, the only time of the year I eat this is when the fruit all comes in fresh.

  • sierrafoxtrot

    The cherry creek folks come down here to New Orleans and are often sold out. The guy fed me a nectarine one day when the peaches were gone and I was pretty impressed. I was definitely prepared not to like it nearly as much.

  • NMC

    When I see them, I tend to alternate weeks of one or the other.

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