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Corn grilled in the shucks from MidTown Farmer’s Market

I’m invited to a friend’s house; he’s grilling pork chops.  At the MidTown Farmer’s Market today, I picked up corn in the shucks and tomatoes from the Bosts.  Also got McCullar peaches and some carrots.  The Wednesday market goes from mid-morning to early afternoon.

I’m taking the tomatoes to the cook-out.  For the corn, I pulled back the shucks, removed the silks, cut the ends off, then put the shucks back and tied them off with kitchen twine.  After soaking for about twenty minutes, they’ll go on the grill, and after that, all they’ll need is some butter from Brown Family Dairy Farm and salt and pepper.

4 comments to Corn grilled in the shucks from MidTown Farmer’s Market

  • A1A

    I have found that if you soak the corn for 20-30 minutes and grill it (without pulling the husks back and removing the silk), when you shuck the corn after it has been cooked, the silk comes right off. It is much easier than desilking prior to cooking.

    Also, to jump past simple butter with salt and pepper, a compound butter with some good crab boil (e.g., Zatarain’s Pro Boil) goes great with this.

  • NMC

    I thought about putting roasted chili poblano in the butter, but didn’t have the time. Have heard that the silks pull off easily after cooked; I don’t mind the trouble of doing it in advance and like serving them that way.

  • Bobbin Ray

    I’m even lazier than A1A: I don’t bother soaking before grilling. Seems to work fine, as does shucking and de-silking the cooked corn. The heat takes all the fight out of the silks and they slide right off.

  • DeltaLawMama

    When I’m too lazy to grill, I microwave the corn in the shuck with silk attached, and yes the silk comes off very nicely. Nota bene: remove enough shuck so that the layers are only 2 maybe three shucks deep.

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