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Coming from Louisiana: Big Meaty Frog Legs

Rob Walker eats some buttermilk fried frog legs and explains why chefs in Houston are featuring frog legs:

[T]he frog legs that are currently dominating the market come frozen from China. What’s new is an effort to revive the bullfrog business in Louisiana. The BP oil spill has idled a lot of Louisiana fishermen and seafood processors. According to Jim Gossen, the Louisiana seafood industry hopes that reviving the bullfrog market might be way to take up some of the slack.

The bullfrogs Gossen is bringing in as part of this experiment are a lot bigger than the Chinese frogs and obviously a lot fresher–in fact Gossen is driving them over himself the same day they are killed. The Louisiana frogs are also expensive–somewhere around ten dollars a pound for whole frogs. To justify the expense, a chef has got to find some creative things to do with the bigger, better frog legs. Something that will get everybody in town talking…

The Louisiana frog legs Gossen served us were much better that the puny Chinese frog legs. The meat was tender and juicy and the flavor was very delicate. People offer compare frog legs to chicken, but I think it tastes more like iguana.

Update: For those of us who misspent some of our youth with The National Lampoon, there’s some relevant humor below the fold that I just remembered out of the blue. Another tribute to the all-inclusiveness of the internet. And, as the accompanying quote said, “That’s not funny, that’s sick!”

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