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Big Bad Breakfast & Ajax top categories in Mississippi Magazine’s readers poll

Mississippi Magazine has its readers poll Best of Mississippi out.

Congratulations to Big Bad Breakfast for the number one breakfast, and Ajax for best cornbread. Oxford also got best downtown area.  Oxford newcomer Soulshine got best pizza.

As is usual with readers polls, there’s some head scratching moments– it’s really sad if Newks is the best the state has to offer for a deli, and, if there’s any resemblance between the Little Dooey’s barbecue sold in Oxford for about a year and that in Starkville, then its number one ranking proves there isn’t any good barbecue to be had in Mississippi.

Oxford does pretty well for a small town well outside Jackson, the magazine’s main market. The town placed as a weekend destination, and these Oxford businesses or entities all placed:

  • Taylor Catfish(Cock of the Walk, where I’ve not eaten in decades, was first).
  • The MidTown Farmer’s Market (Farmers Market)
  • Wild Mushroom and Blue Crab Belle Chevre Cheesecake from City Grocery (for appetizers). Ravine (for brunch)
  • Ajax (best blue plate)
  • Two Stick (sushi)
  • Chocolate cobbler at Taylor Catfish (desserts).
  • The Gertrude Ford Center (performing arts center)
  • Rowan Oak (historic site)
  • The Mary Buie University Museum
  • Southside Gallery (place to buy art).

My interest is frequently caught– or my personal judgments found– below the number one ranking. There’s the Mayflower, which placed in Seafood, for instance, and I’ve wanted to try the friend chicken at the Old Country Store in Lorman, particularly since the Cynical Cook blogged about it.

8 comments to Big Bad Breakfast & Ajax top categories in Mississippi Magazine’s readers poll

  • Jane

    I wanted to hate Newks because it’s related to McAlisters but I just discovered that their tortilla soup is pretty good. Not that a chain should win in any “favorite” category. Steve’s Deli in downtown Jackson is excellent.

  • IMHO Honeybee is the best breakfast in Oxford. BBB is a lil overrated. To me their bacon is so salty it is almost inedible.

  • Of course, all my favorite Oxford restaurants have closed: L and M’s; Marie’s; Yocona.

  • NMC

    Understand what you’re saying, Ben, but (for different purposes) I’ll rank one specific breakfast sandwich at Honey Bee and the Big Bad Breakfast as my personal favorites, near a tie. There’s a chicken sausage option at BBB that isn’t widely known that, with the eggs, red-eye-gravy, grits, toast I really love.

    I seriously lament L&M and Marie’s, both. I can’t believe I’ve had to go through Marie’s closing twice.

  • Armyvet

    I have not tried a Mugshots burger, but I cannot imagine it comes close to Philip’s Grocery in Holly Springs. For me, it has become the burger by which all others are judged. Not even the legendary Ray’s Hell Burger in Arlington, VA came close. Philip’s may not win any state-wide polls, which is fine with me. Keeps the crowd down.

  • Rebelyell

    Armyvet, I actually prefer the Phillip’s burger from Oxford, although I MUCH, MUCH, MUCH, preferred the burger that Mrs. Phillips’s made, which was very salty and had little crunchy things around the edges. They have changed the formula, and as almost always the case, change is change for the worse. I loved seeing them pick up that industrial-sized salt shaker and sprinkle it over the burgers. Salt is good food.

  • Ignatius

    I am typically not a big fan of slugburgers, but I do like Phillip’s version here in Oxford. Rebelyell, I, too, grew up eating at the Phillip’s Grocery in Holly Springs. The crunch of which you speak? Gristle added into the meat, at least according to my dad. Perhaps he was poking fun at me, trying to gross out a young boy, but after awhile, I stopped thinking about what it was (or was claimed to be) and enjoyed that salty crunch like everyone else. I know that if I were to take a bite now, it would transport me back decades.

  • NMC

    I always thought that the “change” at Phillips was that they decided to thoroughly clean the griddle on which they cooked the burgers, taking away years of accumulated oniony greasy goodness. That said, I’ve never really become part of the cult of Phillips Burgers.

    The burger I miss most did not have a bun– the cheese steak with onions all the way at Mistillis’s here in Oxford. Grilled onions on a large patty already topped with rat-trap cheese and then the top of that covered with hand-cut cottage fries.

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