I am Tom Freeland, a lawyer in Oxford, Mississippi. The picture in the header is my law office. I'm on Twitter as NMissC

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What Folks Read on this Blog Last Year

In terms of traffic, the most read post was about the change in Oxford American editorship, and was headed “The OA stuff gets weirder and weirder.” As someone pointed out in comments elsewhere, there’s been an update to Marc Smirnoff’s site, including his response to the New York Times article about his defenestration; I […]

Blogroll Updates

In a neverending quest to foul up perfectly good free stuff, Anderson has moved his blog to a new home, and explained that we can use comments in the old site to talk about him and he’ll never know.

This prompted me to update my blogroll a bit, adding a few blogs (ColRebSez:  Your […]

A Reminder About Comments

I’ve said this in posts, I think, but it is not clear in the commenting guidelines (an omission I will fix):  When you wish to make a comment, all I require is that you pick a unique name (I don’t wish to have a half-dozen people commenting as “Anonymous”), which may require more than […]


The blog was down essentially all afternoon due to problems at the host.  Sorry about that.


At least two regular commenters have had their comments go awry, one into the spam filter and the other into trash (the later particularly mysterious, because it was visible for hours and even got responses).  I’ve restored both and checked to make sure others had not gone awry.  Apologies for any inconvenience.

Blogger MIA

In case you wonder were I’ve been, I guess the best answer is on the front page of this morning’s Clarion Ledger.

I attended this morning’s Zach Scruggs hearing, about which more in a bit.

More Blog Tweaks and Some Questions

After a suggestion from sop81_1 of the slabbed blog (which is apparently about to become both an entity and a domain of its own, which is a lot for a blog), I checked out the jetpack plugin for this blog, which allowed me to add some features:

It makes sharing blog posts easier, and […]

Blog tweaks

I’ve been trying to figure out why the edit comments feature didn’t work. It may be fixed (I hope so).

I’m using a plugin called WP Ajax Edit Comments, which worked like a charm for a long time but (apparently through a dispute with WordPerfect about upgrades) got disabled. The dispute has been resolved, […]

We’re Back

Perhaps crushing hopes and dreams here but brightening up the day of others there, the blog is back.

Sorry about the last 20 hours or so; I hope you folks didn’t do anything rash in my absence.  Thanks for the expressions of concern.

The blog, two years in…

Two years ago, I launched the blog with a test post, then a few days later with a post about the prosecution of Bobby DeLaughter.  Beginning sometime in January of 2008, I had co-blogged at Folo, but in early March of 2009, set out on my own.  (I had an earlier experience about 5 years […]