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Well, at least Gary Wills thinks that Sen. Sumner ridiculing Sen. Butler’s lisp lead to the caning

After Sen. Charles Sumner made a speech titled “The Crime Against Kansas,” in which he particularly attacked Sen. Douglas and Butler for advocating slavery in Kansas in very personal terms, Butler’s nephew, a congressman, came onto the Senate floor and caned Sumner almost to death.

In comments, ColRebSez made the offhand remark that Sumner [...]

Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith gets a New York Times obituary

Last weekend, I wrote about the death of Arthur “Boogie” Smith, a pioneering country music figure, great guitarist, and songwriter.  Today, he got a New York Times obituary.

Country guitarist Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith has died

Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith has died at 93. Probably his most important recording (as opposed to his most famous) was “Guitar Boogie,” which was close to the first country record with guitars playing straight-up boogie woogie parts.  There’s a nice obituary on the Charlotte Observer site.

He said it was not anything he learned [...]

A Black Student at Ole Miss ponders the Kappa Alpha fraternity’s Old South Ball

In today’s Daily Mississippian, the opinion editor, Tim Abram, meditates on why it would be that his college classmates who are in the Kappa Alpha fraternity might think it’s a good idea to travel to St. Joseph Plantation, where parts of 12 Years a Slave were filmed, to have themselves an Old South Ball, celebrating the “values” of [...]

Be warned: In my experience, the buffalo fish is more bone than meat

But if you want some, this establishment is just inside the Pontotoc County line coming from Tupelo right before Highway 6 becomes two-lane.


The Oyster Beds of Pontotoc County


Today, I took a kid (as a treat for two weeks great weeks at school) to fossil beds in Pontotoc County that were deposited when this part of the world was part of a Cretaceous period shallow inland sea. Didn’t find much variety this time– all but two finds were oysters, although [...]

A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts

Sarah and Brian went to the Treme to see the Zulu’s parade.

This is what they brought back.


Personally, I would never buy a king cake with an edible baby inside

Count this as my Mardi Gras post, since I couldn’t join Sarah to go see the Zulu King.

via Walter Olson’s Overlawyered, where Olson has made a thing of observing king cake baby liability issues.

NY Times obit for Lee Lorch, little-known civil rights fighter from the 40s-50s

Here’s a truly amazing obituary for Lee Lorch, a mathematician who led a fight against segregation in the Stuyvesant Town housing project in New York, and then, losing his academic position in New York, was variously at Fisk University in Nashville, and then at Philander Smith in Little Rock, just in time for the [...]

This “it’s a hoax” crap has a long and discouraging history as a racist trope

I find it very depressing that, seeking someone to speak for the local community, the New York Times went with this:

“It’s a mistake to base any decision on this, whether it was done by white racists or whether it was a hoax,” said Frank M. Hurdle, an Oxford lawyer and blogger. “Now, if [...]