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Yes, I am still alive

Two weeks ago, my laptop died an ignominious death. I discovered I had a much calmer– almost zen– reaction to a longer than usual period of borrowed computers, loaners, and the like, than I’d expected.

I was really frustrated that I could not post on Anderson’s site to ask about Hazel Brannon Smith and [...]

Let’s do this again! What could McDaniel be thinking for a challenge? And what is his goal?

When an election has been successfully contested, this Court has employed different tests over the years to aid its determination of what form of relief is in order.[ ] By various routes, we have attempted to discern whether the entire election should be thrown out or only the tainted votes. We have employed a [...]

The plot thickens on elder abuse and the Senate campaign

The Clarion Ledger reports (via Sun Herald), about Clayton Kelly (alleged rogue photographer if Mrs. Cochran):

Tara Kelly provided the Clarion-Ledger with a photo of a pass from St. Catherine’s from a Sunday. She says he was given the visitor’s pass, but it is unclear where it came from.

The pass says, “St. Catherine’s [...]

Courthouse Dress Code Advice from Itawamba County Youth Court

In our signs series, we’ve previously posted courthouse advice about the proper attire, the possibility that an amusement park (“Chancery Land“) was coming to DeSoto County, and a plea to cease using pennies in the courthouse coke machine.

Today, there’s more dress code advice, this time from the Justice Court building in Itawamba County, where [...]

An evil mom and her brat of a child

From a New York Times article by a woman who does a lot of air travel:

A child and his mother almost did me in once. I love children. Children are great. But recently I had the middle seat between a mother and her little boy. I thought it was strange [...]

Sardis fixer-upper, now available.


I’m sure they’d make a deal on this one.

Don’t read the fine print! Call up and ask if the price includes the filing fee.

From today’s Tupelo Daily Journal. And, before you ask: No relation, I’m sure.



On the Square in Oxford.  Part of a continuing series of signs posts.

Trent Wood, host of Looney Zoo, has died

Anyone who grew up in the Memphis area in the late 50s and 60s surely remembers Looney Tunes and its host, Trent Wood, who was a Memphis TV celebrity (second only to Sivad to my mind and perhaps Happy Hal) in from 1952 until Looney Zoo ended in the early 70s.

I’ve learned [...]

Michelle Byrom: The Mississippi Supreme Court has ordered a new trial.

Update below

The Mississippi Supreme Court entered an order today that Michelle Byrom is to receive a new trial. They have also ordered that the trial be before a new judge, in an en banc order signed by Justice Coleman with no dissents.

This is extraordinary and unprecedented to my knowledge. The order says [...]