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Trent Wood, host of Looney Zoo, has died

Anyone who grew up in the Memphis area in the late 50s and 60s surely remembers Looney Tunes and its host, Trent Wood, who was a Memphis TV celebrity (second only to Sivad to my mind and perhaps Happy Hal) in from 1952 until Looney Zoo ended in the early 70s.

I’ve learned [...]

Michelle Byrom: The Mississippi Supreme Court has ordered a new trial.

Update below

The Mississippi Supreme Court entered an order today that Michelle Byrom is to receive a new trial. They have also ordered that the trial be before a new judge, in an en banc order signed by Justice Coleman with no dissents.

This is extraordinary and unprecedented to my knowledge. The order says [...]

What’s Wrong with FiveThirtyEight.Com, Exemplified

Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight.Com came up through sabermetrics. Sabermetrics began in baseball writing in the 80s, and used intense number analysis to draw conclusions about sports. It has the advantage, there, about looking at something that is measured, a lot. So, when Silver commissions a piece doing numerical analysis of baseball, we’d expect it [...]

Orange you glad Sarah went to Super Sunday to see the Mardi Gras Indians

Photograph by Sarah Simonson and heading thanks to the knock knock jokes of my childhood.

Michelle Byrom: What kind of representation did she have, Part 4: The Context for Michelle Byrom’s Ineffectiveness Claim

After Michelle Byrom lost her direct appeal, the next stage of her case was handled by the Office of Post-Conviction counsel.  Their job was to investigate possible claims that her conviction or death sentence was improper.  The most important claim they developed was that Byrom’s original lawyers had been ineffective in investigating and trying [...]

Nate Silver and 538.com are finally back. With a piece about toilet seat covers.

Yes, he’s back. The content is pretty wide ranging– from the basketball tournament to polling about the Ukraine to number crunching “Romeo and Juliet” (??) to toilet seat covers.

Toilet seat covers? To read the headlines, there seems to be a story about whether or not to use them. It’s the sort of [...]

My name is Tom, and I’m a….

From downtown Yazoo City, Mississippi.

Totally stolen (including the headline) from Scott Barretta’s Facebook feed. Scott took the picture, too.

Sign posted so you don’t show up at the courthouse in Houston in the wrong attire

Just trying to prevent a possible fashion faux pas.

And, also, there’s this, to help prevent a more disgusting sort of faux pas.

The halls of the courthouse in Houston are chock-full of advice and [...]

A short history of Civil Rights hoaxes, possibly part of an ongoing series


August 16, 1913:  Yes, there are people out there who believe that Leo Frank really did murder Mary Phagan and the charge of anti-semitism is a hoax.  Seriously.  This was of course a Southern-fried version of the blood libel, one of history’s most vile hoaxes.

After the October, 26, 1934 lynching of Claude [...]

Sometimes you just have to see the front page of a physical newspaper

This picture, which looks prtty much like my idea of Armagedon, is above the fold on the front page of today’s New York Times.  I would quite likely have missed it had I not gone out to pick up my Mother’s physical newspaper.  Stunning picture.  How it looks on the paper is depicted [...]