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Did the Square have 2 way traffic, part one: The end of The Sound and the Fury Says Yes

In the end of  The Sound and the Fury, Faulkner describes two-way traffic on the Square.  There’s a huge debate occurring on Facebook about whether the Square ever had 2 way traffic.  As I noted, if it did not, the ending of The Sound and the Fury makes no sense.

To set this up:  Luster, a young [...]

Fascinating British Pathe’ video from the Meredith crisis, with interesting stuff in town and on campus

British Pathe’ has put an enormous amount of their material on Youtube just now.  I searched for Mississippi, and one of the first hits was two films about the Meredith crisis.  First is this one, about the moment the riots occurred, with interesting video from the town and campus, plus the moment of crisis [...]

The Black Confederate in an incident

There’s been an incident involving the black confederate and the police. It is not clear what happened, although reports are he hit someone. This has been corrected because he apparently left without being arrested.

Folks who have been around Oxford ten years or so may recall the black confederate, Anthony Hervey, who began his [...]

Bobby Rush, Vashti Jackson, and Jesse Robinson play the Lamar Lounge in Oxford

Today was an over-the-top Oxford day– the Southern Culture Center’s Music Conference, Thacker Mountain, a reception for the blues show at the University Museum, a Mississippi all-star blues concert at the Lamar Lounge.   We took in a lot of it, but the highlight was the blues show at the Lamar.

This was one [...]

Trent Wood, host of Looney Zoo, has died

Anyone who grew up in the Memphis area in the late 50s and 60s surely remembers Looney Tunes and its host, Trent Wood, who was a Memphis TV celebrity (second only to Sivad to my mind and perhaps Happy Hal) in from 1952 until Looney Zoo ended in the early 70s.

I’ve learned [...]

A Black Student at Ole Miss ponders the Kappa Alpha fraternity’s Old South Ball

In today’s Daily Mississippian, the opinion editor, Tim Abram, meditates on why it would be that his college classmates who are in the Kappa Alpha fraternity might think it’s a good idea to travel to St. Joseph Plantation, where parts of 12 Years a Slave were filmed, to have themselves an Old South Ball, celebrating the “values” of [...]

An amazing amount of blues at Lamar Lounge on Thursday April 3

This is quite a list of folks who will apparently be at Lamar on Thursday in the poster below.

There is a ridiculous amount going on this week in Oxford.


The Music of the South Conference at Ole Miss April 2nd and 3rd

There’s a lot going on in Oxford later this week. Wednesday and Thursday, Southern Studies is holding the annual Music of the South conference, starting with a brown bag lecture at noon “Songwriter’s Roundtable,” followed at 1 by Jake Fussell with a talk on contemporary corridos from the South (corridos are story-songs or [...]

Spring is finally here, it seems, according to my office daffodils

My office front yard bed is full of daffodils, and it really and truly feels like Spring out there.

This “it’s a hoax” crap has a long and discouraging history as a racist trope

I find it very depressing that, seeking someone to speak for the local community, the New York Times went with this:

“It’s a mistake to base any decision on this, whether it was done by white racists or whether it was a hoax,” said Frank M. Hurdle, an Oxford lawyer and blogger. “Now, if [...]