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Thursday Morning Various

The Clarion Ledger ran an AP report on the Supreme Court’s decision to take the pardons case.  In at least one way it’s a traditional C/L report, though:  There are comments by Matt Steffey  (According to the report, Steffey thought this a positive development.  Interestingly, Jim Hood says that he thought so, too, […]

Tuesday Morning Various

The picture above is Will Campbell, on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel immediately after Martin Luther King had been killed there.  Life has online a sequence of previously unpublished pictures from that night.

The legislature has started making its mischief.  Kingfish writes about the bill designed to set limits on the attorney […]

Monday Morning Various

Who won Iowa? “Look for those final results in about a week and a half” says a party official in a story out of Iowa about that fact that there might just have been a 20 or so vote discrepancy that would change the outcome of the primary there to a Santorum victory. […]

Friday Morning Various

Update:  The ad above may be from a Ron Paul supporter but I’m assuming is from no one connected to his campaign directly.  It may even be from someone trying to injure Ron Paul.  I too-quickly read James Fallows’ post about the ad and posted it here; I wonder now if both of […]

Happy New Year!

Wednesday Morning Various

It turns out that prosecutor outside Chicago who wanted to ignore exculpating DNA evidence also used dubious bite mark proof.  After a national expert who views all such evidence as bogus highlighted the testimony of two “experts” in a case where there was later a DNA exoneration (but the defendant is being denied […]

Merry Christmas, everyone

Thursday Mid-Day open thread

If this family had holiday dinners, they’d be pretty difficult, Part One:  “But even when their father was alive, this was not a family known for its togetherness.” If this family… Part Two: “Turns out… his father-in-law’s family was hacking his personal and business emails.” Speaking of dubious families, American Family Association founder, […]

Thursday morning various

Al Bell was a soul DJ who went into the record business and ultimately bought Stax Records, running it in the early 70s through its demise.  He produced most of the Staple Singers singles there was involved in a huge growth spurt at the label.  Memphis station WDIA, “widely recognized as the first […]

Tuesday Morning Various

The Daily Journal describes the status of the dispute between Jim Hood and Stacy Pickering over paying outside lawyers, presently before the Mississippi Supreme Court. Rapper Ice Cube lays down some architectural criticism at an Eames house in Los Angeles. Longform picks its favorite long form journalism of the year.  The three I’ve read […]