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“without having heard any testimony or having any matter of record,” Chancellors in Rankin County enter judgment expunging recording of gay marriage

Folks may be aware of the effort to register out-of-state same sex marriage records in the miscellaneous records in various Chancery Clerks office being spearheaded by the Campaign for Southern Equality.

In Oxford, the effort went smoothly.  Chancery Clerk Sherry Wall spoke to the Oxford Eagle (article is paywalled), who made clear that she [...]

The “regression analysis” that is critical to McDaniel’s contest arguments was from a weblog, not a McDaniel expert!?!

This is truly bizzare.  One of the key elements of McDaniel’s election challenge is a claim that a regression analysis had demonstrated that there was a correlation between black population and the increase in Cochran votes between the two primaries.  The analysis was an exhibit to the complaint, but was not included in the [...]

Guilty Plea in Rose Cochran photo case

John Mary has pleaded guilty in Madison County to an information that he conspired to violate Miss. Code Ann. 97-45-17.  It alleges that he conspired with Clayton Kelly, Ric Sager, and Mary Mayfield against a victim designated as RC, meaning, of course, Rose Cochran.  The Clarion Ledger is reporting the plea to [...]

McDaniel: He is filing the challenge but continuing to hide the ball

Update:  This story says 15,000, which makes slightly more sense. Slightly.  But Kingfish also reports the 25,000 number.  This is not a context where you want your legal team to have numeracy issues.

Talking Points describes the McDaniel press conference.

So McDaniel’s people say they have found 3,500 [...]

In case anyone from True The Vote is reading and needs help in Jefferson County

Following up on my prior post that folks at True the Vote couldn’t find the courthouse in Jefferson County, here’s some handy pointers.

There is a search engine on the internet called Google, and if you type “address of the courthouse Jefferson County Mississippi Fayette” into it, the fourth entry says, “Circuit Clerk Jefferson [...]

True The Vote: “They couldn’t find the courthouse.”

A long time insult to a lawyer is that he “couldn’t find the courthouse.”

Jackson Jambalaya reveals that the True the Vote folks are not only that clueless, they’ll even voluntarily file with a federal district court a document admitting it.


More magic from Dr. Hayne! (or, the geniuses at the AG’s office don’t know 9 is before 10 and 12)

Radley Balko and the Innocent Project have another Dr. Hayne case to chew upon.

One aspect of Dr. Hayne’s testimony that was particularly vile is that, when cross-examined, he’d simply make stuff up.  A lawyer can’t be well prepared enough to cross-examine a witness who can just fabricate authority and answers on the fly.  He [...]

RFRAs, the Establishment Clause, and Land Use Regulation (no! seriously!)

I’ve been giving a lot of thought about Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (RFRA), state and federal, since this Spring (with the passage of Mississippi’s own such act) and this week (with the Hobby Lobby case using the federal act).

Recall that we were told that the state act was fine because the federal act was fine.


A criticism of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act as applied to the states

The more I think about this, the more I think passage of the state version of RFRA this Spring was a very dumb move.

There’s this:  The case I’m quoting below, Bourne, involved a church challenging a city’s historic preservation ordinance on the grounds that it was an indirect burden on their exercise of religion.


Kingfish has a memo for the state Republican party outlining the steps up to a contest

Previously, I posted describing the process for a contest.  There’s a useful memo from state Republican party chair and counsel outlining the process up to that contest (which will play out in the next few weeks) that has been posted at Jackson Jambalaya.

To sum the memo up:  Yesterday or before 2PM today, each [...]