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Inquiring minds: When the Supreme Court 4-4 affirms, do they affirm the COA or the trial court?

This quetion arose indirectly because a regular reader was thinking about the topic and a recent Supreme Court case.

Answer, at least in Mississippi:  The court of appeal:

¶ 8. Valley Bank argues that when this Court is evenly divided, the order of the trial court must be affirmed, despite the Court of Appeals having [...]

“without having heard any testimony or having any matter of record,” Chancellors in Rankin County enter judgment expunging recording of gay marriage

Folks may be aware of the effort to register out-of-state same sex marriage records in the miscellaneous records in various Chancery Clerks office being spearheaded by the Campaign for Southern Equality.

In Oxford, the effort went smoothly.  Chancery Clerk Sherry Wall spoke to the Oxford Eagle (article is paywalled), who made clear that she [...]

The “regression analysis” that is critical to McDaniel’s contest arguments was from a weblog, not a McDaniel expert!?!

This is truly bizzare.  One of the key elements of McDaniel’s election challenge is a claim that a regression analysis had demonstrated that there was a correlation between black population and the increase in Cochran votes between the two primaries.  The analysis was an exhibit to the complaint, but was not included in the [...]

It’s not clear what’s occurring at HottyToddy.Com…

Day before yesterday, Alan Lange at YallPolitics noted that the M-Club was offering tours of the Scruggs home for $30 this weekend.  He posted a sccan of a flier describing the tour and a link (now expired) where you could register for that part of the event.  The post stated the opinions that this [...]

Black Votes Don’t Count, Part II: about McDaniel’s claim of a 25,000 vote victory

The Jackson Free Press has a good summary about why it’s fair to describe McDaniel’s challenge as an attack on black votes:

But ultimately, the McDaniel camp wants to show one thing: Cochran won because of black votes that shouldn’t have been cast. On the fifth page of the complaint, McDaniel lawyers cite an [...]

Guilty Plea in Rose Cochran photo case

John Mary has pleaded guilty in Madison County to an information that he conspired to violate Miss. Code Ann. 97-45-17.  It alleges that he conspired with Clayton Kelly, Ric Sager, and Mary Mayfield against a victim designated as RC, meaning, of course, Rose Cochran.  The Clarion Ledger is reporting the plea to [...]

No, the Briars was not Jefferson Davis’s “ancestral home.”

So, this weekend, the M-Club is having a weekend in Oxford.  As YallPolitics reports, the M-Club sent out a flyer offering all kinds of things to do in Oxford this weekend.  One thing you can do is for $30 get a tour of the Scruggs home for $30 a head.  In the course of [...]

The Dog that Didn’t Bark

HottyToddy.com has an “interview” with Dickie Scruggs, by “Steve Vassallo … a HottyToddy.com contributor who interviews Oxford’s and our region’s leading personalities.”

There was one subject the interviewer never brought up.  He did ask the name of Scruggs’s favorite president.  Andrew Jackson.

Andrew Jackson?  “Whipped the British; whipped the bankers; and whipped the secessionists.”


McDaniel: He is filing the challenge but continuing to hide the ball

Update:  This story says 15,000, which makes slightly more sense. Slightly.  But Kingfish also reports the 25,000 number.  This is not a context where you want your legal team to have numeracy issues.

Talking Points describes the McDaniel press conference.

So McDaniel’s people say they have found 3,500 [...]

In case anyone from True The Vote is reading and needs help in Jefferson County

Following up on my prior post that folks at True the Vote couldn’t find the courthouse in Jefferson County, here’s some handy pointers.

There is a search engine on the internet called Google, and if you type “address of the courthouse Jefferson County Mississippi Fayette” into it, the fourth entry says, “Circuit Clerk Jefferson [...]