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The folks at the Neon Pig are ok…

… but the business has suffered structural damage.

Regular readers of the blog may know I’m a fan of the Neon Pig on North Gloster in Tupelo (also near Vanelli’s). I knew where the tornado hit, and was worried about them.  From the Neon Pig’s Facebook feed, I learn the people are ok, but […]

Oxford Farmer’s Market Schedules

The Oxford City Market (the one that is on Tuesdays and is out on West Oxford Loop) has already commenced and will be there tomorrow from 3 until 6:30.  They list the vendors they expect on their website.  I went last week, and got pretty marble-sized white turnips, lettuce, and Spring garlic.  There was […]

John Folse and Rick Tramonto restaurant coming to Ridgeland, Mississippi

John Folse, a Louisiana chef and writer from the German Coast along the Mississippi above New Orleans, and Rick Tramonto, a chef and writer associated with Chicago, opened Restaurant R’Evolution in the French Quarter two years ago.  While Restaurant R’Evolution got a mixed reaction at its start, it’s received more positive attention since.  Here’s […]

Today’s Special is…

From the market by Mr, Chen’s in Jackson, Mississippi.

Like General Mills on Facebook, waive your right to sue!

Seriously, that’s what the New York Times is reporting:

General Mills, the maker of cereals like Cheerios and Chex as well as brands like Bisquick and Betty Crocker, has quietly added language to its website to alert consumers that they give up their right to sue the company if they download coupons, “join” it […]

Garlic Scape time is now: Here’s a recipe for garlic scapes and rice with red snapper

Update: details about the origins of the garlic were added.

In our yard on the edge of the woods, we have a patch of garlic that originally came from Joyce’s great-grandmother’s farm in Pellahatchie, Mississippi.

When Joyce’s father Burl would get home from school in the Antioch community, he would get some cornbread […]

Payne’s Barbecue in Memphis: Why you want sliced and not chopped.

I’ve posted, probably more than once, about my strongly held opinion that, at Payne’s barbecue, what you want is sliced meat and not chopped.

I’ve been eating at Payne’s since the 70s, and it has hugely influenced my reaction to barbecue.  They don’t meat every test for purists (it’s an urban barbecue place, […]

Rice with Corn and Chile Poblano (recipe)

I had a ziplock bag with skillet corn in the freezer from the height of corn season last July, and had an idea for using it with rice.  It may have been an echo from a Mexican recipe for rice and corn from one of Diana Kennedy’s books, although my idea was pretty different […]

Be warned: In my experience, the buffalo fish is more bone than meat

But if you want some, this establishment is just inside the Pontotoc County line coming from Tupelo right before Highway 6 becomes two-lane.


L&B’s Meat Market going all in for bringing fresh fish to Oxford, plus a red snapper recipe

L&B’s Meat Market, at 2008 E. University Ave across from Kroger’s (contact info below) is bringing fresh fish– much from the Gulf Coast– to Oxford.  There are a couple of ways to go.  His basic model is that you order a set amount by Wednesday noon, it is delivered by Thursday at 4, and they will […]