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From B. Traven: Honesty having failed, the oil company decides to change lawyers

B. Traven’s novel The White Rose is the account of a the attempt by an American oil company to take over a ranch in Mexico.  When he learned from his Mexican lawyer that honest means failed, the oil company president, Collins, decided on a change of tactics:

When Mr. Collins read the letter, he commented to the executive vice-president: “This Perez is one of the best lawyers we could have down there. He is first-rate with the administration and the governors we have to deal with. A clever fellow. A diplomat.  But he’s no good at certain matters. We’ll do better to retain a shyster who knows how to turn the screws tight. We’ll think about it.”

The biggest surprise in the book is a major scene involving Collins and John D. Rockefeller.  I did not expect to see him in one of Traven’s books.

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