I am Tom Freeland, a lawyer in Oxford, Mississippi. The picture in the header is my law office. I'm on Twitter as NMissC

Missing Posts: If you have a link to a post that's not here or are looking for posts from Summer of 2010, check this page.


Missing Posts

If you searched for posts in March to July of 2010 or about certain topics and found apparent hits in Google or on other blogs that pointed to nothing or bad links here, here’s why.

Posts between early March and late July of 2010 are missingРwhen we moved from hosting at GoDaddy to another host, GoDaddy arbitrarily withheld 5 months of posts and demanded both that we move back for a minimum of three months and pay them extra money on top of it to get back my data.  Because of grossly unreliable service from GoDaddy and because I had been mislead by them when they tried to sell me fixes, I would not consider having my blog back on their site, even as a temporary means to get back my data.

I thus lost a lot of posts, including most of my posts about the controversy over Constance McMillan’s prom. ¬†and is demanding we both move back and pay them to get back our data.