I am Tom Freeland, a lawyer in Oxford, Mississippi. The picture in the header is my law office. I'm on Twitter as NMissC

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This is the blog of Tom Freeland, a lawyer in Oxford, Mississippi. For information about my law firm, see my firm site at FreelandLawFirm.Com.  The subjects of this blog are, generally, Mississippi law, politics, culture, and history, food, music, and literature.  Anything else that catches either my attention or that of the readers could come up, too.

This is my third experience with blogging.  In the first six months of 2005, I wrote for an appellate advocacy group blog (now defunct) that was doing capsule summaries of opinions in the various Circuit Courts of Appeal.   Some of my posts can be found here.   In early 2008, I became a guest-blogger and then later a co-blogger on Folo, a blog founded by Jan Goodrich that had become intensively focused on the Mississippi judicial bribery scandals.  There is an enourmous archive of posts there about much of the topics on this blog.  Jan and I co-blogged there through March of 2009, when I started this blog.

The picture on the header of the blog site is my office, which has been a law office in Oxford, Mississippi for well over a hundred years (it was built between 1870 and 1890 and has always been a law office).  You can read about the history of the building, including connections to William Faulkner, on this page.