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“If the flames of anger rise any higher in this land, your name on your tombstone will be covered with dirt.” dissident Iranian poet Simin Bahbani has died.

Simin Behbahani, the poet known as “the Lioness of Iran,” has died at 87.  I’ve only read a few of her poems, but she seems to have been a master of justified righteous fury.  As an example, here’s her poem about the 2009 uprising known as the “Green Revolution”

Stop Throwing My Country […]

Major memorable TV moments

This one stayed with me as intensely as the funeral of JFK and lots of other sixties TV. Just as vividly in my memory from age 8, almost 9.  I remember where family members were sitting while we watched this (Mom, who doesn’t remember it, was ironing, not a usual tv-watching thing).  Science […]

“without having heard any testimony or having any matter of record,” Chancellors in Rankin County enter judgment expunging recording of gay marriage

Folks may be aware of the effort to register out-of-state same sex marriage records in the miscellaneous records in various Chancery Clerks office being spearheaded by the Campaign for Southern Equality.

In Oxford, the effort went smoothly.  Chancery Clerk Sherry Wall spoke to the Oxford Eagle (article is paywalled), who made clear that she […]

My Paperback Sharona mashup from Mark Vidler

The music and video are well worth the ride.

In interview with the Atlantic’s Jefferey Goldberg, Hillary Clinton makes clear how much more interventionist she’d be than Obama, and semi-confirms presidential run

To me, this interview is scary, becuase it makes clear how much Hillary Clinton wants to present herself as conducting a more interventionist foreign policy than the one we have.

Meanwhile, I heard a bit of Lindsey Graham talking tough on the morning shows (it was in an NPR news brief; sorry, no link, […]

@sharonne777 on Twitter asks the most ignorant question asked on the internet today.

I think anyone who knows me or who has attempted to find out about me via the interubes will agree with my assessment of this question.  And, no, Sharon, I’ve never had a dime in pay from Barbour (whichever Barbour you had in mind). and I’d bet relatively serious money that Sam Hall hasn’t, […]

The “regression analysis” that is critical to McDaniel’s contest arguments was from a weblog, not a McDaniel expert!?!

This is truly bizzare.  One of the key elements of McDaniel’s election challenge is a claim that a regression analysis had demonstrated that there was a correlation between black population and the increase in Cochran votes between the two primaries.  The analysis was an exhibit to the complaint, but was not included in the […]

It’s not clear what’s occurring at HottyToddy.Com…

Day before yesterday, Alan Lange at YallPolitics noted that the M-Club was offering tours of the Scruggs home for $30 this weekend.  He posted a sccan of a flier describing the tour and a link (now expired) where you could register for that part of the event.  The post stated the opinions that this […]

Black Votes Don’t Count, Part II: about McDaniel’s claim of a 25,000 vote victory

The Jackson Free Press has a good summary about why it’s fair to describe McDaniel’s challenge as an attack on black votes:

But ultimately, the McDaniel camp wants to show one thing: Cochran won because of black votes that shouldn’t have been cast. On the fifth page of the complaint, McDaniel lawyers cite an […]

Guilty Plea in Rose Cochran photo case

John Mary has pleaded guilty in Madison County to an information that he conspired to violate Miss. Code Ann. 97-45-17.  It alleges that he conspired with Clayton Kelly, Ric Sager, and Mary Mayfield against a victim designated as RC, meaning, of course, Rose Cochran.  The Clarion Ledger is reporting the plea to […]