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Write Chris in! Write Chris in!

The title is what the crowd was yelling at Chris McDaniel’s non-concession speech last night.

I know that the McDaniel people don’t care about actual facts like the laws in the statute books and are much more likely to listen to… I’m not sure.  The voices in their heads.  And maybe I should keep […]

Let’s do this again! What could McDaniel be thinking for a challenge? And what is his goal?

When an election has been successfully contested, this Court has employed different tests over the years to aid its determination of what form of relief is in order.[ ] By various routes, we have attempted to discern whether the entire election should be thrown out or only the tainted votes. We have employed a […]

Chris McDaniel election night speech: The fight is not over! Spoken in a strange accent!

All those McDaniel people so horrified about votes by folks who would not support the nominee in November, at McDaniel’s post-election speech, were chanting, “Write Chris in!”  (update note: This was originally on the video linked below, as was the introduction.  Both have been cut at CSPAN).

Till tonight, I had never watched […]

Todo list for the Childers campaign, item 1

Search the internet (Facebook, Twitter, comments) for all those McDaniel supporters who promised to vote for a  Democrat in November rather than a Republican In Name Only.

The Donald comes out strong for Senator McDaniel. That certainly convinces me.

Yes, it’s his verified Twitter account:

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Donald J. TrumpVerified account‏@realDonaldTrump

I hope voters in Mississippi cast their ballot for @senatormcdaniel. He is strong, he is smart & he wants things to change in […]

Notes from the polls

From a Hinds County poll worker:

10:00 AM Turnout is up at the polling place.  A mystery poll watcher showed up, refused to say who he or she was representing, and was told she could not be at the polling place.  She went to another room.  Otherwise incident free, with politeness from the McDaniel […]

Senate Race Pick

I think this is almost impossible to guess.  With normal processes, McDaniel is a clear favorite, possibly by as much as 6 points.  He’s all momentum.  But there are several abnormalities– this race has drawn national and constant local attention, which means there will very possibly be a higher vote for the run-off than […]

Tea Party to commemorate Freedom Summer by having poll watchers set to intimidate black voters who might turn out for Cochran

That’s not precisely how it’s reported at the New York Times, but certainly what I get reading between the lines.

“Freedom Summer” on the American Experience Tuesday at 7CST on MPB

Tuesday night, the PBS American Experience series is airing Freedom Summer. That series at its best can be among my favorite television. I’m going to assume this will be good.

Buried in work but will be back soon. Meanwhile, here’s a laugh from the runoff campaign