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Did the Square have two-way traffic, part two: a 1933 photograph shows it

This is a photo I found the other day (and that Observer linked in a comment).  It’s taken from the balcony on what was then, I think, a dry goods store (it certainly was a dry goods store in the late-50s early 60s, where I was hoping mom would pick Red Goose shoes […]

Did the Square have 2 way traffic, part one: The end of The Sound and the Fury Says Yes

In the end of  The Sound and the Fury, Faulkner describes two-way traffic on the Square.  There’s a huge debate occurring on Facebook about whether the Square ever had 2 way traffic.  As I noted, if it did not, the ending of The Sound and the Fury makes no sense.

To set this up:  Luster, a young […]

Fascinating British Pathe’ video from the Meredith crisis, with interesting stuff in town and on campus

British Pathe’ has put an enormous amount of their material on Youtube just now.  I searched for Mississippi, and one of the first hits was two films about the Meredith crisis.  First is this one, about the moment the riots occurred, with interesting video from the town and campus, plus the moment of crisis […]

Today’s Special is…

From the market by Mr, Chen’s in Jackson, Mississippi.

The Black Confederate in an incident

There’s been an incident involving the black confederate and the police. It is not clear what happened, although reports are he hit someone. This has been corrected because he apparently left without being arrested.

Folks who have been around Oxford ten years or so may recall the black confederate, Anthony Hervey, who began his […]

Like General Mills on Facebook, waive your right to sue!

Seriously, that’s what the New York Times is reporting:

General Mills, the maker of cereals like Cheerios and Chex as well as brands like Bisquick and Betty Crocker, has quietly added language to its website to alert consumers that they give up their right to sue the company if they download coupons, “join” it […]

I wonder how much the Cochran people are paying for this advertising

I heard it through YallPolitics on Facebook, which pretty much would explain whose interest is served by advancing this. But, still, it really kinda almost sorta makes one want to go out and vote for the incumbent.

Although I’m pretty sure that if I go to my precinct and vote in a Republican […]

Bobby DeLaughter: “I didn’t do nearly everything that they thought I did.”

Megan West at WAPT TV in Jackson got an interesting interview with Bobby Delaughter, apparently on the occasion of his Amazon-only new novel.

“I said then, and will always say it because it’s the truth, I didn’t do nearly everything that they thought I did. But I was stupid. I admit that,” DeLaughter told […]

Bobby DeLaughter writes about a criminal who moves from Jackson to New Orleans…

… where, according to a jacket-blurb on Amazon (the only place the book is available), he resumes his life of crime:

The journey DeLaughter now takes us on is not merely one from his roots of Jackson, Mississippi to his new home along the narrow streets and alleys of the famous French Quarter of […]

Well, at least Gary Wills thinks that Sen. Sumner ridiculing Sen. Butler’s lisp lead to the caning

After Sen. Charles Sumner made a speech titled “The Crime Against Kansas,” in which he particularly attacked Sen. Douglas and Butler for advocating slavery in Kansas in very personal terms, Butler’s nephew, a congressman, came onto the Senate floor and caned Sumner almost to death.

In comments, ColRebSez made the offhand remark that Sumner […]