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Michelle Byrom–What kind of representation did she have? Part 1: They pretty much did nothing

I’ve been thinking and reading about the Michelle Byrom case, and my reaction is complicated.  The evidence of her innocence is, from a lawyer’s perspective, equivocal, about which I will post more later.  But the evidence of whether she had due process– a fair trial– is absolutely clear.  Her lawyers were grossly incompetent, and […]

Payne’s Barbecue in Memphis: Why you want sliced and not chopped.

I’ve posted, probably more than once, about my strongly held opinion that, at Payne’s barbecue, what you want is sliced meat and not chopped.

I’ve been eating at Payne’s since the 70s, and it has hugely influenced my reaction to barbecue.  They don’t meat every test for purists (it’s an urban barbecue place, […]

Judge Posner on a frolic of his own: He and his clerks, wandering miles outside the record, dress up like chicken processors

I’ve been trained in doing appellate work to stay within the record. “Trained” really understates it. I’ve had it drilled into me since before I was a lawyer, and, if I were inclined to forget, there’s always appellate courts to remind me.

I’ve also operated under an impression that, where the parties to a […]

Nate Silver and 538.com are finally back. With a piece about toilet seat covers.

Yes, he’s back. The content is pretty wide ranging– from the basketball tournament to polling about the Ukraine to number crunching “Romeo and Juliet” (??) to toilet seat covers.

Toilet seat covers? To read the headlines, there seems to be a story about whether or not to use them. It’s the sort of […]

Rice with Corn and Chile Poblano (recipe)

I had a ziplock bag with skillet corn in the freezer from the height of corn season last July, and had an idea for using it with rice.  It may have been an echo from a Mexican recipe for rice and corn from one of Diana Kennedy’s books, although my idea was pretty different […]

Be warned: In my experience, the buffalo fish is more bone than meat

But if you want some, this establishment is just inside the Pontotoc County line coming from Tupelo right before Highway 6 becomes two-lane.


The Oyster Beds of Pontotoc County


Today, I took a kid (as a treat for two weeks great weeks at school) to fossil beds in Pontotoc County that were deposited when this part of the world was part of a Cretaceous period shallow inland sea. Didn’t find much variety this time– all but two finds were oysters, although […]

“The defendants’ appeal brief is a gaunt, pathetic document,” wrote Judge Posner

In a case appealing a contempt finding against a Georgia lawyer who was sued in Illinois for failing to respect an insurer’s ERISA lien, and found in contempt for ignoring court orders, Judge Posner wrote:

[T]he contempt order did little more than vent the judge’s anger at the defendants’ contumacious effrontery. Nevertheless the rule […]

New Yorker’s Borowitz Report: “Obama’s plan to pay people enough to eat stirs controversy”

Writes Andy Borowitz:

President Obama has sparked outrage in Congress and renewed calls for his impeachment by signing a daring Presidential memorandum that would pay workers enough to eat.

more here.

Spring is finally here, it seems, according to my office daffodils

My office front yard bed is full of daffodils, and it really and truly feels like Spring out there.