I am Tom Freeland, a lawyer in Oxford, Mississippi. The picture in the header is my law office. I'm on Twitter as NMissC

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“I might have been a lawyer…”

Here’s a bit of video from Bill Kitchen (thanks to Ben Sandmel on Facebook).  Lyrics below

I might have been a lawyer (but I couldn’t pass the bar) No one’s sworn to secrecy in the courtroom of swinging doors, And it’s hard to hid the evidence if it’s coming out your pores. Here comes […]

The great ice storm of 1994

Twenty years ago, the temperature stuck at 32 degrees for several days.  Just before, it had been significantly colder.  But when it hit 32, rain started falling, and it froze everywhere it hit.  Water was coming down, and it was freezing.  It made a strange ice dam on my roof, and water came through inside the […]