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Out of my back yard today


Here’s some things that came out of my back yard this evening.  First, some herbs:  parsley and oregano for chimichurri sauce.  A lot of my herb garden keeps going except in the absolute dead of winter (a month or so in late January/February)– rosemary, always, thyme and lemon thyme, pretty much always, […]

This Week at the Mississippi Supreme Court

Another quiet week at the Mississippi Supreme Court.

Remember the discussion a while back about the demise of the presumption that a child born during a marriage was the child of the husband?  Today, the Supreme Court, following statute, held that a “father” who signed a birth certificate and an order adjudicating child support […]

“it was on like a pot of neckbones”– Robert Gordon’s Stax book on Thacker Mountain Radio Nov. 14th

Robert Gordon’s fascinating Stax book is going to be featured on Thacker Mountain Radio tomorrow, with some YalaSoulwackers Stax music to go with it.  I’m going to be there.

The quote is from Isaac Hayes’s high school friend / trumpet player’s description of the impact of his hitting, bigtime, with Hot Buttered Soul (containing […]

Remembering Taylor McElroy and Armis Hawkins on Armistice Day

Before it was Veterans Day, today would have been Armistice Day, because WWI ended on November 11th.

The WWI vet I knew best was Taylor McElroy, who was a Justice of the Mississippi Supreme Court in the 1960s, and before that a Circuit Judge in the 3rd Circuit Court District (Lafayette, Marshall, Tippah, Calhoun, […]

Today at the Mississippi Supreme Court

I have read it twice, and read both opinions in dissent. The majority opinion of this case seems to be holding that, because the defendant had the burden of proof on a defense, the trial court erred in granting a defense directed verdict even though the only evidence supported the defense. The majority opinion […]

The end of Summer: The Last Pesto of the Season

I cut the rest of my basil tonight for the last pesto of the season.  My usual practice is to use the basil for pesto with dry purchased spaghetti– in the summer, pesto is one of my favorite go-to quick week-night dinners.  But for a couple of years, after seeing a really great […]

Red Smith on fishing with his son

From American Pastimes.

A task force of three was made up swiftly. It included a young man of twelve, going on thirteen, who had never before attempted to mislead a trout with a tuft of feather or a barb of steel. He had, however, shown an encouraging spirit several summers earlier when he was […]

For the Cardinals fans out there

From Red Smith, writing in 1934:

Shadows were stretching across the field when Cincinnati came to bat in the ninth inning. The National league season was within minutes of its end.  The scoreboard long since had registered the final tallies for all the other games. Only the tied battle in New York and the […]

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