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Coupled Oscillations: 32 Metronomes Push Up Against the Second Law of Thermodynamics

What’s going on is that, by putting them all on a movable bed, the shared vibrations get them synched.  More explanation here.

Today’s recommended reading: 50 years ago, Gene Patterson responded to the Birmingham Church bombing

A great read.  As Wright Thompson noted on Twitter, all Southerners should read this today.

Since he lies dying, this’ll kill him.

Alternate title:  Gee, they didn’t do one of these when Yul Brynner starred in The Sound and the Fury.

(Yes, I know the dying character is a she)

A visit from the basket man

Milton Gross has been making oak strip baskets and bottoming chairs for decades. I have posted about him before, and there is information about him through at the Mississippi Folk Artist directory.

He told me he learned it from his brother, and has “always” made them, which I’m gathering means over fifty […]

“the oldest religion, perhaps, for it has the best-trained priests.”

This is from B. Traven’s The Death Ship.  A death ship (this one is called the Yorikke) is one whose crews, lacking papers, have no way of leaving or forcing the captain to pay them, and that is at some point, soon, going to be sunk for insurance with the crew/witnesses aboard.  The book was […]

The Birth Of The Blues, and Jazz (Buddy Bolden was born 140 years ago today)

Buddy Bolden was born in New Orleans 140 years ago today.  He’s standing in the back row, there, third from the left, by the bass player, and holding a cornet.

If anyone ever could say, “I invented jazz,” he would only have an argument from Jelly Roll Morton, who would probably have been […]

Possibly too detailed or arcane: A Warning to Folks doing computer research in the Mississippi Code

As folks know, bills that passed at the last term of legislature took effect July 1st.  I’m doing some research (in Westlaw Next) that involves pretty precise reading of how statutory changes were implemented in the code.  I found a section that had been amended, looked at the bottom where it said, “Current through […]

“Drunken Moose Gang Menaces Stockholm Resident”

I could not improve on the headline for this story in the Alaska Dispatch:

One home owner east of Stockholm, the capital, has already been confronted by a mob of boozed-up moose. The five animals, feasting on rotten windfalls, “were threatening” and refused to let him into his garden.

“Sensibly enough the (moose) left […]

Tabasco at home: Making home-made fermented pepper sauce

Update:  This was posted in 2013.  In 2014, I made another batch and posted notes on my efforts to tweak the recipe and the use of different peppers.  You should check both. 

Robb Walsh, Texas barbecue/food maven/etc. first blogged about and then produced a book, The Hot Sauce Cookbook, inspired in […]

Circuit Court Websites in Mississippi (plus requests for additions)

I’m assembling useful court information with a goal to having a couple of Mississippi practice pages.  Here’s a list of Circuit Court district sites with information about the court’s calendars, dockets, scheduling, local rules and practices and the like.  A list of Chancery Court district sites is here.

With some help, I found 9 […]