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The Start of Civilization

Everywhere the building of a prison is the first step in the organization of a civilized state.

B. Traven, Government

You know how the NSA can do searches against your email? They can’t do that with their own staff.

Seriously, that’s what they’re saying. ProPublica did a Freedom Of Information Act Request. They report the response:

[A]sk the NSA, as part of a freedom of information request, to do a seemingly simple search of its own employees’ email? The agency says it doesn’t have the technology.

“There’s no central method to search an […]

At the courthouse in Coffeeville, Mississippi

There is nothing quite as old-school as a courtroom in late July in Mississippi with a broken air conditioner.  But yet, there was no one with a seersucker suit.

Big George Brock plays a front porch at the Oxford Blues Festival

The Oxford Blues Festival is this weekend, from last night through tomorrow.  There is a lot going on.   The festival has a stage on the front porch of the Stark Young home next to the University Museum.  The picture above is Big George Brock, literally playing front porch music.

I took my niece […]

Sharknado and the Courts

There are, at present, no cases in the Westlaw databases name-checking Sharknado, as the search depicted above makes clear.

But that may be about to change, courtesy of the Chief Judge of the Northern District of Mississippi. Today, in dismissing the claim that the use of a paraphrase of the quote, ”The past […]

A Couple of Covers of the Rolling Stone

Anderson notes the anger over Rolling Stone Magazine’s Tsarnaev cover (selecting a picture that has Tsarnaev looking more like the bass player in an up-and-coming indie band) and composes some parodic doggerel for the occasion.

Here’s a long-ago-Rolling Stone cover, with another murderer (arguably looking like a bass player of that era…), for comparison’s […]

Some personal memories of T Model Ford

I’ve been thinking off an on today about T Model Ford, since hearing he’d passed.

More than any others of the blues musicians I’ve heard over the years, you had to be there for T Model.  I can’t hold up one of his records and tell you, “you’ll get some of it if you […]

Some notes on the instructions in the Zimmerman trial

Friday, I pulled the jury instructions in the Zimmerman case out of curiosity. Engaging in the legal fiction that these things matter, I read through them and was startled– I have not seen instructions quite like them.  On both the primary charge of second degree murder and the secondary charge of manslaughter, the instructions set forth the […]

Unexpected response from the folks at Google (their servers are down??)

Judge Kidd rules the open carry statute unconstitutionally vague

Judge Kidd was asked by the plaintiffs in the Open Carry case to extend a Temporary Restraining Order enjoining the statute until the next term of the legislature.  That made no sense on several levels– TROs can only last 10 days, although they can be extended for another 10 days, and what is the […]