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The Fifth Circuit holds that Scruggs’s guilt of bribing DeLaughter was “overwhelmingly establishe[d]”

We agree with the district court in concluding that the record overwhelmingly establishes the existence of a corrupt bribery agreement between Scruggs and DeLaughter.

Fifth Circuit opinion in United States v. Scruggs

An interesting thing about the post-conviction efforts by Zach Scruggs to set aside his plea in Scruggs I and his father in […]

Some annoyed comments on NPR’s seeing what it wants to see in southern country music

NPR has a long story about the controversy over Brad Paisley’s Confederate flag song (which, as I am writing this, I’ve yet to hear, an odd thing given I’ve read about this flap in a New Yorker post, and in a number of other places.

The NPR piece is just plain bizarre. It covers […]

Personally, I’d counsel use of a different word.

I’m familiar with this case, and there is much to blog about it.  For now, this headline is a place-marker.  I’m assuming the reporter who wrote the story, and whose son is a lawyer, was pretty annoyed when she saw this headline.

Jury returns verdict for the Rigsby sisters against State Farm

Longtime followers of this blog and its predecessor may remember the qui tam suit the Scruggs Katrina Group filed on behalf of the Rigsby Sisters, who were adjustors for State Farm after Katrina.  They alleged that State Farm was fraudulently moving claims from wind damage, which they covered, to water damage, which was covered […]

Filmmaker Les Blank has died

Filmaker Les Blank has died. Above is part of his film The Blues Accordin’ to Lightnin’ Hopkins.  He was the featured filmmaker at the 2011 Oxford Film Festival.

From his New York Times obit:

Les Blank, whose sly, sensuous and lyrical documentaries about regional music and a host of other idiosyncratic subjects, including […]

Linda Greenhouse is justifiably afraid of the federalism arguments in the DOMA case

A fascinating passage in Greenhouse’s piece on the DOMA case quotes the lawyer for Wainwright (the state of Florida) in Gideon v. Wainwright, which held that there was a constitutional right to counsel for felony defendants in the state courts:

During the argument on Jan. 15, 1963, a Florida assistant attorney general, Bruce R. […]

On the road, in the courthouse in Russellville, Alabama

Who is the intended audience for this sign (on a Coke machine)?  I mean, who doesn’t know this?!