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In memory of poet Jake York

Jake York, the poet from Alabama whose subjects ranged from remembering the civil rights movement to family to food, died suddenly and far too young yesterday.

Jake has spent time in Oxford as a poet-in-residence, with the Southern Foodways Alliance, and visiting his brother, filmmaker Joe York.

My thoughts have been with Jake’s family […]

Long Ago Concerts At Ole Miss

With Neil Young and Crazy Horse on tour again, I was remembering one of the first real concerts I ever saw:  B.B. King and Crazy Horse at Tad Smith at Ole Miss circa 1972.   I posted about it on Facebook, and asked who might remember it and got nothing (I’m still waiting to […]

Gray Foy has died. Who? Well, he had Duchamp, Balanchine, John Kennedy, Capote, Aaron Copland, Anaïs Nin, etc., drop by….

A New York Times obit worth reading.  Hard to state in a sentence what is notable, except this:

On any given night — first in the crumbling brownstone on upper Lexington Avenue where their romance began in the late 1940s, and later in the apartment in the Osborne, to which the couple moved in […]

Zoë Heller hits Salman Rushdie, right between the eyes.

Recommended reading:  Zoë Heller’s review of Salman Rushdie’s memoir at the New York Review of Books.


Hard to argue with what she says.