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Jimmie Gates at the Clarion Ledger butters up Barbara Dunn

Barbara Dunn, the Circuit Clerk of Hinds County, gets a big wet kiss from the Clarion Ledger, not anchored to any news whatsoever.  Well into it, the story does note that among the folks less-than-content with her performance are the justices on the Mississippi Supreme Court:

But Dunn hasn’t escaped some criticism for the […]

Thacker Mountain SFA and anniversary show at the Lyric Thursday at 6!

Thacker Mountain Radio is having a very special show at the Lyric Theater in Oxford Thursday at 6:00.  It’s both their 15th anniversary show, and the Southern Foodways show.  There will be music from the Rising Star Fife and Drum Band, lead by Othar Turner’s grandaughter Sharde.  That alone is worth showing up. […]

The rise and fall of Salman Rushdie’s memoir…

I just finished Salman Rushdie’s memoir, Joseph Anton.  The book– which runs over 600 pages– contains multitudes, running from engrossing to annoying to boring.

Anyone who wants a signed copy should check out Square Books, which had a few last I checked.

The center of the book is the impact of the publication of […]

Help Reed Cochran’s Worthy Charity

Update:  This challenge ends at 7:00 Central Standard time.  At present, Reed’s charity is in third place, which (if it holds) will mean an extra $10K to this charity.  To help keep her there, anyone can donate $25 (or more) and count as a new donor; if she holds third place in new donors, […]

WorkFlowy now has an iPhone App

There’s in iPad app, too.

I posted about WorkFlowy (briefly) back in mid-August. I recommend you check it out.

It’s a task-management and notetaking application, web based. I’ve been using for a variety of projects since then– I do everything from research notes, witness interviews, to grocery lists using the application. It is at […]

Where’s the news (h/t Samir Husni)

Advertising Begins in Northern Supreme Court race

Last week, two sets of ads started running in the Northern District Supreme Court race.  The first out (not available online) had animations of sharks swimming about and was full of vague but dark intimations about Flip Phillips suing local companies.  The local companies not named, nor were the local companies Phillips represents.

Almost […]

“The tootsie lover” in Jackson, Tennesse

WMC TV reports:

A 50-year-old man has been arrested after stalking a woman and repeatedly requesting to see and massage her feet. Donald Morrow of Jackson, Tenn. has been charged with trespassing and stalking his neighbor.

The two live in the same apartment building, and the victim claims Morrow spent one year stalking her, […]

Bad Things About Oxford

Update:  I just got a call from one of the owners of Funky’s (not the one from last night), who graciously apologized and said that it would not happen again.  Truce has been officially declared.

A bit of preface:  There is a hot dog stand that, for several years, I have allowed to set […]


This week’s New Yorker cover.

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