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How many marijuana plants makes one “a special danger to… the community?”

So, the Mississippi Constitution has this to say:

In the case of offenses punishable by imprisonment for a maximum of twenty (20) years or more or by life imprisonment, a county or circuit court judge may deny bail for such offenses when the proof is evident or the presumption great upon making a determination that the […]

John T. Edge and Jess on the hunt for West Tennessee barbecue

Blair Hobbs links on Facebook to a story by her husband John T. Edge; he and their son Jess took a road trip through barbecue places from Millington to Humbolt, Tennessee, all just north of I-40.  They found some great places and had a great trip, all recounted in a fine Garden and […]

Oxford Aldermen make nice with the Flaming Lips

The mayor, on the other hand, played the curmugeon.   Errol Castens reports for the Daily Journal that Alderman voted unanimously to allow buses and trucks to park near the Lyric next Wednesday from noon until midnight for the Flaming Lips show.  Castens quotes lyric owner Bradley Bishop:

“A few weeks ago we got this […]

Wednesday MidTown Farmer’s Market: cantaloupes from the Bosts

Open Thread (Stanford update, and more)

While I’ve been busy, there has been some news, much of it on issues I’ve been following:

At his sentencing hearing, the Houston Chronicle reports that Allen Stanford almost edged up to an apology at his sentencing hearing, and then took it back.  “He had tears in his eyes and said, ‘I’m so sorry,’” […]

Fred McDowell at home


Alain Desvergnes taught photography at Ole Miss from 1963-65.  He used it as an opportunity to take photographs, in large part from the perspective of someone interested in Faulkner’s work.

He also had heard of Fred McDowell through album Alan Lomax had recently recorded, and went to Como to seek him out, […]

An Oxford Building I’ve Never Seen Before

John Cofield put this old postcard in his Facebook feed.  I’ve never seen a picture of this building before, and wonder when it was built (late 19thC?), where it was, and when it was torn down.  I’m guessing that the elementary school I attended replaced this– that building was on Jackson where the […]

Freeland & Gafford office, circa 1964, photographed by Col. Cofield

For a building as old as my law office, there aren’t a lot of photographs.  The building was built about 1885-90.  The earliest picture I know is of Phil Stone and his wife and children sitting on the front steps in the early-middle 40s; it’s mis-identified in Susan Snell’s biography of Stone as being […]

Corn grilled in the shucks from MidTown Farmer’s Market

I’m invited to a friend’s house; he’s grilling pork chops.  At the MidTown Farmer’s Market today, I picked up corn in the shucks and tomatoes from the Bosts.  Also got McCullar peaches and some carrots.  The Wednesday market goes from mid-morning to early afternoon.

I’m taking the tomatoes to the cook-out.  For the […]

Times Picayune lays of food writer Brett Anderson (updated)

In the round of layoffs yesterday, the T-P let go Brett Anderson, its restaurant critic and food writer.  The stated reason they picked him?  Because he got a Neiman Fellowship at Harvard:

Brett Anderson, the award-winning restaurant critic and food writer, was among more than 200 employees laid off on Tuesday by The Times-Picayune […]