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Supreme Court rejects method the AG has been using to pay outside attorneys

Two cases were decided by the Supreme Court today that vindicated auditor Pickering’s view of attorney general contracts with outside counsel:  Regardless of what fictions are used for payment, the funds coming out of the settlement are state funds and must be appropriated by the legislature before counsel can be paid them.

One of […]

I.F. Stone quote

“Establishment reporters undoubtedly know a lot of things I don’t.  But a lot of what they know isn’t true.”

I.F. Stone, quoted in Michael Hasting’s The Operators.

The quote is for Lee from comments as opposed to my sister, Lee Hancock (who would possibly take this as being about her because she’s a reporter.  It’s […]

Dr. Smith under investigation for prescription issues (and more!)

The Greenwood Commonwealth reports that the FDA and the state medical licensure board have searched Dr. Smith’s clinic and seized prescription drugs (largely related to cancer treatment) and other evidence.

Other drugs and vitamins are connected to Smith’s anti-aging and immune system strengthening treatments. Those include four vials of recombinant human growth hormone. Although […]

I find it pretty depressing…

… that in a list of best barbecue sandwiches in the South in Garden and Gun Magazine, Mississippi is represented by a place that puts two slices of American cheese on a shoulder sandwich.

Of course, the folks who put American cheese on their barbecue sandwich are in Starkville, at Petty’s Barbecue.  Go figure.


Ask and ye shall receive (Judge Davidson denies relief in Scruggs II)

When my kids would ask me for something and I’d say “I’ll think about it,” once in a while they’d forget a basic life lesson and come back to nag me.  I’d give them a look and say, “Do you really want an answer now.”

Pretty much invariably, they decided to wait.

Yesterday, the […]

Jared Diamond reviews Why Nations Fail

In the current New York Review of Books, Jared Diamond, author of Guns, Germs, and Steel, has a thought-provoking review of Why Nations Fail, by Daron Acemoglu and James Robinson.  The book focuses on the importance of long-term stable institutions in the success of nations, using as an opening example a comparison of the two […]

Wednesday morning various

Retired Oxford FBI agent Hal Neilson, who was tried and acquitted of self-dealing charges, is now the CEO of a Nevada publicly traded corporation traded at sub-penny levels.  The company is called Here Enterprises, and once did internet restaurant listings in the Vancouver area, now has a dirt-bike racetrack in Texas, and aspires to doing […]

A couple of lessons from Leviticus

This one has had a lot of shares on Facebook, but I still thought it worth sharing here.  And yes, Leviticus 19:28 does forbid tattoos.  I’ll save you looking it up:  “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.”  I gather […]

Mississippi Catholic Church organizations sue to block providing prescription contraceptives

Various Catholic Church organizations in Mississippi– various diocese, hospitals, and schools– have sued federal officers involved in enforcement of the health care law, saying the requirement that they have involvement in providing contraceptives violates their freedom of religion.

Here’s a copy of the 55 page complaint, filed yesterday in the Southern Division of the Southern District.


Scruggs to Judge Davidson: Decide my petition, because I could be getting out soon.

Dickie Scruggs has filed a motion in Scruggs II asking the court to go ahead and decide the case.  Writing with uncharacteristic brevity, his lawyers note that his release date on the five year sentence in Scruggs I would be in November of this year and that he’d be eligible for half-way house or […]