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Monday Morning Various

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know we were going to be trying the case today.” said the prosecutor in the Zimmerman bail hearing.  The prosecution was startlingly unprepared for  that hearing on Friday, and defense counsel used it to their advantage.  Defense called the chief investigator for the state– who said, “I was not […]

Excellent Blues and Southern Soul with Johnny Rawls at 2 Stick Tonight in Oxford

He’ll be playing at 10.  Johnny began playing in Z.Z. Hill’s band while still in high school, and played later with Little Johnny Taylor and the Sweet Inspirations.  In the mid to late 70s, he was O.V. Wright’s band leader, and then lead Johnny Talyor’s band for five years.  Since then, he’s been […]

Levon Helm and the Hawks, 1961 (RIP Levon Helm)

This is Levon and the Band, before they became the Band, and when Levon Helm was 21 and just a couple of years out of Helena.  And here’s their recording of “Farther On Up The Road” from the same year.

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

This is all from a blog […]

Dick Clark meets Syd Barrett

I’m having trouble dealing with all the tributes to Dick Clark (someone on Facebook posted, “Will the world be the same without Dick Clark?”  I resisted the impulse to comment “Yes.”).  All I can offer is this surreal moment of Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd (1967) lip-synching “Apples and Oranges” on American Bandstand, followed […]

Mike Wallace interviews Thurgood Marshall in 1957…

John Q. Barrett, law professor at St. John’s University and biographer of Justice Jackson, writes on the Jackson email list about Mike Wallace interviewing Thurgood Marshall in 1957:

On Tuesday, April 16, 1957, …. Mike Wallace had a televised conversation with Thurgood Marshall, Director-Counsel of the NAACP Legal Defense & Education Fund, Inc.  The […]

“When Tom Friedman writes about the Third Party Dream, the discriminating reader turns and flees.”

David Weigel has had it with Tom Friedman about as much as I have:

When Tom Friedman writes about the Third Party Dream, the discriminating reader turns and flees. Exposure to this concentrated level of stupidity is dangerous, possibly toxic, like a run-in with H.P. Lovecraft’s “colour out of space.”

To save time, […]

Thoughts and prayers for Levon Helm

He’s in the final stage of his long battle with cancer, and his family has asked for prayers.  The first video below is the Band at Woodstock, playing “The Weight,” something that did not make it into the Woodstock film.  The second is “Up On Cripple Creek” from The Last Waltz.  Incredible band.  A […]

Drones and secret government out of control: “The prospect of any additional oversight, however modest, set off alarms at the CIA.”

I’m of the opinion that the word “additional” in the quote in the heading may create a false impression that there’s much oversight going on of the CIA’s drone assassinations.

Rolling Stone has a very interesting and horrifying article by Michael Hastings about the use of drones for killing purported terrorists, sort out the differences in […]

Pulitzer Prize to Huffington Post…

Two websites– Huffington Post, for National Reporting by David Wood, and Politico, for Editorial Cartooning by Matt Wuerker– won Pulitzer Prizes today.  So  did John Lewis Gaddis for his biography of George Kennan and Manning Marable (posthumously) for his biography of Malcolm X.  The first prize for online journalism was awarded to ProPublica in […]

Texas Monthly’s next issue has a long story about Bush’s National Guard service

This one feels almost as much ancient history as “Deep Throat Revealed!” did a couple of years ago, but here it is anyway.

In Texas Monthly, Joe Hagan, who has been covering this story for years, has lots of dot-connecting and some new details about Bush’s national guard service, both the question of how […]