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How the AP gets wrong a story of potential challenges to Mississippi Voter ID

Here’s a confusion to watch out for on voter ID: Between whether voter-ID is constitutional and whether it will survive preclearance under the Voting Rights Act.   Jack Elliot’s AP story, quoting politicians, completely misapprehends this distinction.

Read my prior post here for more about the Voting Rights Act.

Elliot quotes Sen. Joey Fillingane at length about […]

Merry Christmas, everyone

Notes on the Justice Department decision not to preclear South Carolina’s voter id requirement

Under the Voting Rights Act, any change in voting requirements by a “covered” jurisdiction (places that have been found by the Justice Department to have discriminated in voting in a way that bears watching) must be “precleared,” that is, approved by the Justice Department before it is placed into effect.  To get Justice Department […]

Radiolab’s Symmetry

Radiolab is a public radio broadcast from New York; I learned about it from episodes of This American Life that the Radiolab folks produced.  It’s one of the podcast I automatically download.  They made the film, above.

Thacker Mountain Christmas show on tomorrow and Saturday, locally and statewide

Thacker Mountain Radio’s Christmas show this year was excellent, both for music (BIll Perry, Effie Burt, the return of Duff Durrough) and readings (Theresa Starkey, Richard Howorth, Jack Pendarvis).  A full two hour version will be broadcast in Oxford tomorrow and Saturday afternoon from 3 to 5, and then an hour version will […]

Thursday Mid-Day open thread

If this family had holiday dinners, they’d be pretty difficult, Part One:  “But even when their father was alive, this was not a family known for its togetherness.” If this family… Part Two: “Turns out… his father-in-law’s family was hacking his personal and business emails.” Speaking of dubious families, American Family Association founder, […]

Sentence of the Day

This is from Damon Runyon’s story of the racehorse tout’s life, “Pick the Winner,” which is set at the height of the depression.

Hot Horse Herbie suggests to Miss Cutie Singleton that she get out the old crystal ball and her deck of cards, and hang out her sign as a fortuneteller while they […]

Remarkable Tennessee Supreme Court site for access to legal help

The Tennessee Supreme Court has unveiled a new website designed to provide initial assistance for people facing legal issues who haven’t hired a lawyer.   Their announcement says:

We view the Justice For All website as a clearinghouse of information and legal resources for Tennesseans facing civil legal issues without the assistance of an […]

“The Invisible Boot of Government”

In his new stump speech today, Mitt Romney referred to “the invisible boot of government, to bring us all down.”

The invisible boot of government?

I can only guess what an invisible boot is.  But I learn from the last link (and elsewhere) that invisible boots are a Canadian thing.

Mitt Romney is pushing […]

Two Best Tweets about Kim Jung Il

@KPCCofframp Kim Jong Il dead: I knew of an announcer who once called him Kim Jong the Second. And that’s why serifs are important.


@jstrevino I’d like to think God let Havel and Hitchens pick the third.

(h/t to Sullivan for the 2nd one)