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What exactly is being investigated about Michael West?

Tonight, at the Overby Center showing of “Mississippi Innocence,” Radley Balko noted that he’d seen reports that Jim Hood had stated he was “investigating” cases involving Michael West, but never had answers about what that investigation might be.

West is the bogus expert whose testimony was critical in the convictions featured in the film “Mississippi Innocence.” […]

Tuesday Morning Open Thread

Remember, screening of Mississippi Innocence and panel discussion tonight at 5:30 at the Overby Center at Ole Miss.  While on the subject,  John Randall Alexander of Batesville, freed as innocent 16 years ago after six years in jail, has signed an agreement with the state to be compensated for those lost years. Justice […]

Blue Mountain, Kudzu Kings in benefit for Duff Durrough Friday

Duff Durrough, leader of the house band Yalabushwackers at Thacker Mountain Radio and former member of the Tangents, has been seriously ill in the hospital in Jackson (He’s home now). There will be a benefit for him Friday at Proud Larry’s in Oxford. On the schedule are:

7:30 Rocket 88 8:30 The Minor Adjustments […]

“May I see your papers?”

Growing up, don’t I distinctly remember an American hostility to the notion of required identity papers?  And that there was a view, shared by conservatives, that identity papers was a European thing not consistent with individualism and liberty?

I’m voting “no” on Voter ID.

After a good eight or more years of frothing, […]

Pujol’s greatest night ever

Cardinals manager Tony LaRusa said Pujols’ performance was “the greatest night in World Series history, and we saw it.”  Here’s why:  He hit three home runs, tying a World Series record (held by Babe Ruth, twice, and Reggie Jackson), and got 14 total bases (setting a new World Series record), as a part of […]

Robert Bilbo Walker and T Model Ford on stage at 2 Stick

This was tonight.  After playing a few, T Model mostly looked on with delight while Robert Bilbo Walker did the show.  A good time had by all.

Robert Bilbo Walker and T Model Ford at 2 Stick’s Tonight

Robert Bilbo Walker (two clips above) from Clarksdale, MS and Bakersfield, CA (don’t ask me to explain it.  In years past he opened for Buck Owens at the Crystal Palace.  Seriously) will be at Two Stick tonight and I am absolutely sure…

They will rock the joint

“Mississippi Innocence” Screening and Panel Discussion


Tuesday, October 25th at the Overby Center at Ole Miss at 5:30, there will be a screening of Joe York’s film Mississippi Innocence (trailer above), followed by a panel discussion with, along with Joe York, a discussion among  panelists Rob McDuff, civil rights and defense attorney from Jackson, former Mississippi Supreme Court Justice […]

Rev. Duncan Gray explains why he is against Proposition 26

Update: Some folks may be coming here from a comment at Balloon Juice that notes that ” The law is so nutty that a Catholic bishop opposes it.”    While this post is about the law being so nutty a Episcopal bishop opposes it, a Catholic bishop here also opposes it.

I have been collecting material […]

Where is a candidate who feels the need to go on camera to deny he got his tax plan from a video game?

Last week, the Daily Intel at New York Magazine wrote:

As reporters have dug deeper and deeper into the origins of Herman Cain’s implausibly successful 9-9-9 plan, they have found some disturbing things.

[T]here’s already a 999 plan out there, in a land called SimCity.

Long before Cain was running for president and getting […]