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Radley Balko is coming to Ole Miss to speak Oct. 25th

Journalist Radley Balko (whose blog the Agitator I regularly link) is coming to speak at Ole Miss Law School October 25th.

Regular readers are aware of journalist Radley Balko, whose particular expertise as a reporter is problems with the criminal justice system, ranging from innocence cases to police harrassment of citizens (arrests for public […]

Friday Morning Various

Does a Republican House mean more tort reform?  Phillip Thomas makes that case about this Fall’s election, and explains what the agenda might be and how it will go a long way toward entirely putting an end to personal injury litigation.  He thinks the risks, which he identifies in terms of risks to […]

Tuesday Morning Various

At his Agitator blog, Radley Balko writes about Jim Hood’s press conference about the Leigh Stubbs case and Michael West. There’s an interesting obituary at the Times Picayune for Carl Corbin, who, in 1934, was an editor at the LSU Newspaper.  The paper was going to publish a letter critical of Huey Long. […]

Going West on Jackson Avenue in Oxford…

Here’s a couple of local Oxford items, all Jackson Avenue related.  First, John Currence is proceeding apace with the renovations of Bouré in the old Downtown Grill space.  He’s got the place set up to open out upstairs and down onto the square, with the upstairs opening onto what will be the most inviting balcony […]

Live-Blogging Qaddafi’s Fall in Tripoli

It appears the end has arrived for Qaddafi in Tripoli– the rebels have reached Green Square, there is shooting in the middle of the city including at Qaddafi’s compound, and there are confirmed reports that two of his sons have been captured by the rebels.

Enduring America is live-blogging events from multiple media sources, and […]

Time Warp? Vintage Bumper Sticker Fan?

Brad Dye was Lieutenant Governor of Mississippi from 1980 to 1992.  He’s 77.  Thursday, driving down West Jackson in Oxford in the horrendous traffic filled with returning students, I saw a vehicle with Hinds County plates (full of clothes hanging on a rod in the back, so I’m presuming returning student) with a bumper sticker reading […]

Judge Biggers grants Zach Scruggs a 3 issue appeal

Judge Biggers has granted Zach Scruggs a certificate of appealability on these issues:

a.  Whether Petitioner met the standard for proving his ‘actual innocence.’

b.  Whether Petitioner’s guilty plea was involuntary due to government misrepresentation.

c.  Whether Petitioner received ineffective assistance of counsel.

Recall that the standard is whether reasonable jurists might differ on how the […]

West Memphis 3 introduce themselves: Imprisoned “for a crime I did not commit.”

CNN is broadcasting the press conference live; above is a screengrab.

They apparently entered Alford pleas, that they were innocent but the prosecution had enough evidence to go to a jury on guilt.   The prosecutor’s press conference proceeded, with the prosecution saying that the defense team proposed the deal, and he agreed […]

West Memphis Three Apparently About to Be Released

It is appearing pretty certain that the West Memphis Three (long prior post by me here) will finally get relief tomorrow at a hearing in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Media in Jonesboro and Memphis are reporting that, out of the blue, the court has scheduled a hearing at which all three will attend, that all three […]


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