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The Mississippi Supreme Court has a strange coda to its cases about Dr. Hayne

Folks will recall Dr. Hayne, the erstwhile pathologist who, among other things, testified in Tyler Edmonds case that he could tell from a bullet path how many hands were holding the gun used in a murder.

The sordid tale of Dr. Hayne’s autopsies in state criminal cases has been told more than once and […]

Dickie Scruggs moves to vacate sentence in Scruggs II based on Skilling

The one year anniversary of the United States Supreme Court decision in Skilling is tomorrow.  There’s a one year statute of limitations for federal habeas actions… so…

Dickie Scruggs has filed a motion to vacate his sentence in Scruggs II (the case involving DeLaughter and WIlson v. Scruggs) citing the Skilling case.

Here’s the […]

Why are Zach Scruggs’s lawyers entering appearances in Scruggs II?

This morning, Mike Moore and Michael Rader entered appearances in Scruggs II. That’s the case involving Judge DeLaughter, a case in which Zach Scruggs was never charged.

Rader entered an appearance for Zach Scruggs.  Moore entered an appearance for Dickie Scruggs, as did another lawyer from Rader’s firm (which is also Chip Robertson’s firm […]

Lafayette County candidates for local office

Here are the candidates for local races in Lafayette County as far as I know for the election in August.  I was going to put their websites, but after hunting for a dozen of them, and only finding one for Circuit Clerk candidate Baretta Mosley (and later sent one for Brad Mayo), I gave […]

Wednesday MidTown Farmers Market– Bosts tomatoes are in

Also cantaloupes, blueberries, cabbage, sweet corn, squash, flowers, etc.

Block that Metaphor! (Again!) (and a sur-reply from Zach Scruggs)

On the prosecutors’ misrepresentation problem, the Government can only set up a straw man and light him on fire….

That’s from Zach Scruggs’s Motion to File Sur-Reply In Opposition to the Government’s Motion to Dismiss.

There seems to be a metaphorical pattern here.  And the Government is being accused of setting fires […]

The Goverment replies on its Motion to Dismiss Zach Scruggs’s petition

Late Friday, the Government filed their reply brief on their motion to dismiss Zach Scruggs’s habeas petition.  The first half spends far too much time trying to argue that Zach’s effort to prove innocence failed because he did not disprove the existence of a conspiracy to defraud Johnny Jones, using it to argue that, […]

Treme Season 2 open thread

After ten annoying minutes of something else (I didn’t wish to see this bit from True Blood), it’s time for tonight’s Treme open thread.

Last week, one of the plots involved the decision by Desmond Lambreaux, the son of the Mardi Gras Indian chief who’d gone to New York, to come home and make […]

MidTown Farmers Market

Our vegetables are pretty much entirely local now.  Tonight’s dinner had a little bit of steak (not local) along with a sauce that included shiitake mushrooms and onions from Flora Farms, Bosts skillet corn, the Bosts’s new potatoes with rosemary from my yard, and braised leeks from Flora farms.

Tomorrow at the Farmer’s […]

Analysis: Should I worry?

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