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Red’s in Clarksdale: A tale of a true Mississippi juke

Except for the line about the “last Mississippi juke” (I resist that term last except where it applies to clearly defined sets– e.g. Jack Johnson was the “last member of the Jelly Roll Kings”), this LA Times piece about Red’s in Clarksdale (and comparing Red’s to Ground Zero) really gets it right.

Red Paden […]

John Currence profiled on Channel 5’s “Andy’s Restaurant Scorecard”

As the title said, there’s a nice piece on Channel 5 in Memphis about Currence.  I make a brief appearance.  You can read the text here.

Congratulations to Wright Thompson for Scripps Howard awards…

Wright Thompson, who lives here in Oxford, has won a Scripps Howard award for Human Interest writing.  He’s consistently won awards for his work on ESPN.com.   Here’s a story from last fall about the Chilean soccer player who was one of the trapped miners last year, and here’s one from last year about Cleveland. […]

Judge Mills: I meant no about reducing Langston’s sentence, but he can have home confinement, starting April 18th

On the one hand, Judge Mills denied yet another pair of motions to reduce Joey Langston’s sentence, but, on the other hand, Judge Mills granted the government’s motion that he serve his half-way house time in Booneville.

I guess this means he’ll be driving down from Booneville for the big Zach Scruggs vs. the […]

We’re Back

Perhaps crushing hopes and dreams here but brightening up the day of others there, the blog is back.

Sorry about the last 20 hours or so; I hope you folks didn’t do anything rash in my absence.  Thanks for the expressions of concern.

Doubledecker Music Schedule 2011

They’ve announced the lineup for Doubledecker. They are going to somehow fence off and charge for the Friday night headliner, $10 a ticket. The Saturday music is free.

2011 Music Lineup:

Friday night- Cathead Vodka South Stage Okkerville River Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears Old Crow Medicine Show

Tickets for Friday night are […]

When pricklinesses collide

I’m reading, and more-or-less enjoying, James Gleick’s Information. I thought this funny:

[Norbert] Wiener left for Cambridge, England, where he studied symbolic logic and Principia Mathematica with Betrand Russell himself.  Russell was not entirely charmed.  “An infant prodigy named Wiener, Ph.D. (Harvard), aged 18, turned up,” he wrote a friend.  “The youth has been […]

The Government responds to Zach Scruggs’s motion to continue: Let’s get this done

I had the sense the Government probably would prefer to get the Scruggs’s effort to set aside his plea done rather than continue it.  Here’s the Government response to the motion to continue:

The petitioner’s 28 U.S.C. § 2255 hearing has been set for April 25, 2011, since February8, 2011.  Much has been said […]

Patsy Brumfield quotes Tony Farese and Zach Scruggs on the dropping of the bar complaint

She’s got a procedural detail or two, also:

ASHLAND – Defense attorney Tony Farese said Monday that an ethics complaint against him has been dismissed.

Farese of Ashland said he is “pleased” with the decision by the Committee on Professional Responsibility for the Mississippi Bar Association.

Farese said the decision on a complaint by […]

Not sure what brought this to mind,

but here’s some Monty Python.