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“…Glenn Beck, sensing an opportunity, has moved into the prophet business…”

Mark Lilla writes of “The Beck of Revelation” in the New York Review of Books.  I particularly liked his word-caricatures of Beck’s peers:

…after reading these books and countless articles on the man, I’m coming to the conclusion that searching for the “real” Glenn Beck makes no sense. The truth is, demagogues don’t have cores. […]

Sunday Morning Various

Here’s Patsy Brumfield’s story about the Neilson verdict.  Not much new added (I can’t tell which verdicts were decided and which hung?) but a nice picture of lawyer Christi McCoy and her client outside the courthouse.

I’m… uh…  not as willing as Sid Salter to take Senator Wicker at his word about coming-to-the-light about […]

Play under review

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a loud boo so much as the one play got called back where the LSU player stepped out of bounds running in for a “touchdown.”

Hal Neilson jury: Not Guilty on 2 Counts, Hung Verdict on others

So reports Patsy Brumfield, with details to follow later.  This is about 15 minutes ago.

Sometimes this town is so small. A trip might be nice.

Judge Biggers entered an order today that, because Zach Scruggs is no longer under the supervision of the Probation Service, he’s entitled to the return of his passport.

Is the jury about to hang up in Hal Neilson’s case?

UPDATE:  What could this tweet from Patsy Brumfield mean?  “AGENT TRIAL:  Judge to offer option to leave Neilson trial for trip.  Meeting in chamber.”  Huh??

Reading her story on the NEMS site, it’s clear that what happened is the judge gave a modified Allen charge– she quotes language from it in her post.

Original […]

Southern Foodways Community Cookbook at Off Square Books tonight

This just in from the folks at Square Books:

Southern Foodways Alliance Community Cookbook Signing

Tonight!  Wednesday, November 17, 6:00-7:00pm at Off Square Books

Join John T Edge, Sara Roahen, and the staff of the Southern Foodways Alliance at Off Square Books to get your SFA Community Cookbook signed and to taste recipes from […]

Hal Neilson to testify in trial

According to Patsy Brumfield’s report from the courtroom, Hal Neilson will testify in his own defense.  I have the impression it will happen this afternoon.

Local sculptor Rod Moorhead commissioned to make memorial to infant slave deaths in the German Coast area of Louisiana

One of the things I’ve been collecting for some time is historical references to African-American fife and drum music.  This tradition has almost died out in the south– Othar Turner and his family in the Tate/Panola County area in Mississippi are an example of a tradition that has died out everywhere else in the […]

A Prospect Too Terrifying To Contemplate

So tomorrow on Supertalk Mississippi and the Gallo show, we get an hour of revisionist history from  Ross Barnett, Jr., talking  about his dad, the sixties, and “what history and Hollywood may have missed.”  And then we get an hour of Roger Wicker on… it’s not clear.   It seems to be the current political […]