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Justice Stevens writes about the death penalty in NY Review, and will be on 60 Minutes tonight

Adam Litpak at the NY Times writes that in the upcoming issue of New York Review of Books, retired Justice Stephens writes about and explains his changed views about the death penalty during his time on the bench.

In 2008, two years before he announced his retirement, Justice Stevens reversed course and in a concurrence said […]

From Sarah in Rome

Borrowed from my daughter Sarah Simonson’s Facebook feed.

Memories of Justine’s from 1959

Several months ago, I did a long post about Justine’s Restaurant in Memphis, prompted by the death of the long time chef there, Wilma Madison.  A reader named Bob Canis has posted a long comment with memories of Justine’s circa 1959; I thought it was interesting enough to elevate it to a post:

I […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Prosecution agrees to life sentence in Kristi Fulgham remand

Folks may recall that the Mississippi Supreme Court had unanimously reversed Kristi Fulgham’s death sentence because the court had limited the defense’s mitigation proof at trial.   The Daily Journal relays an AP report from the Starkville newspaper that district attorney Forrest Allgood has agreed to accept a life-with0ut-parole sentence rather than retry over […]

From the road south of Nacogdoches, Texas

Hail, hail Fredonia!

Some clips from “Duck Soup” inspired by a travel through Nacogdoches.

“Nacogdoches is full of roaches”

Yesterday, I was traveling through east Texas, headed to Houston and my wife’s family, and passed a couple of interesting milestones, which will be noted in this post and later ones as time permits.

How the Marx Brothers Became Comics

The Marx Brothers got their start as a vaudeville singing group. Comedy was not […]

Hal Neilson trial set on remaining counts for January 18th

Judge Aycock has reset the Hal Neilson trial on the remaining counts in the indictment for January 18th.  Neilson was acquited on 2 of 5 counts last Saturday; the jury failed to agree on the other three counts.

The Government has not announced whether it will retry him on those counts.

Hal Neilson was […]

Suing where the Southern Cross’ the Dog

The housing part of the civil clinical programs in the law school has filed a pretty interesting lawsuit against a slumlord down in the Delta just outside Moorhead.  To read the allegations of the complaint, what you have here is old-school Delta or Mississippi property owner (this is my fiefdom, to do as […]