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Lafayette County Board of Supervisors Plays “Can You Top This” In Drug Court Fiasco (part 2 of 2)

The purpose of the invitation for a response was to avoid any misstatement of fact or misapplication of law in the Court’s Order, not to offer to have the Board’s attorney restate the dispute and thereby deliberately or recklessly misrepresent the facts as well as the nature of the problem.

Lafayette County Circuit Court’s […]

American Humorists At Work

First, in the Paris Review interviews (a treasure now fully available online) Fran Liebowitz explains writer’s block as experienced by a choreographer friend, perhaps giving us a glimpse of why we haven’t seen that novel she’s been “working” on since publishing Social Studies in the 1981:

It reminds me of when a choreographer I know […]

No More Cowbells!

Well, assuming Mississippi State Fans believe in the rule of law.

We can live an dream, in any event.

$103M Verdict in Jones County, Mississippi

I got word from Charles Griffin, at Minority Defense Litigator, who notes that for the second time this year there’s been a verdict of over $100M in Mississippi.  The first was a $131M verdict against Ford in Jasper County in a rollover case involving an Explorer.  The early accounts of this one from the Minority […]

Lafayette County Board of Supervisors Plays “Can You Top This” In Drug Court Fiasco (part 1 of 2)

This is one of the most difficult posts I’ve ever written, because the issues are complicated and it seemed very important to make them clear, particularly to local lay voters.  It may be a pretty much local issue, a spat between the Lafayette County Circuit Court and the Lafayette County Board of Supervisors.  But […]

James Fallows on why NPR news matters

This is a very important post, highly recommended.

Curtis Wilkie ponders Scruggs’s character flaws in the Wall Street Journal

In a Wall Street Journal interview about his Scruggs book, Curtis Wilkie says he agrees with Diane Scruggs that Dick Scruggs’s character flaws were bad judgment induced by his drug problem and being a bad judge of character. Wilkie thinks greed was not involved.  I’m going to repeat my early visceral reaction to the […]

I’m speechless

h/t Andrew Sullivan

Ad for an English organic dairy…

Maybe this could be adapted for Brown Family Dairy Farm.

h/t NYTimes Diner’s Journal.

Dumpling Attack!

The Mayor of San Gabriel, California has been arrested for purse-snatching and assault and released on $100,000 bail; in the wake of the incident he has resigned from the City Council but says he will clear his name.

The LA Weekly reports it all began at 1:00 AM, when Mayor Huang was out […]