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Department of Odd Connections, State Bar Division

The options for state bar commissioner for the 3rd District are Thomas Dawson, former prosecutor of Tim Balducci, and Ken Smith, former law partner of Tim Balducci.

Sam Sifton of the NY Times brings us: The Explosive Turkey Bomb

I’m enjoying the hell out of Sam Sifton’s blogging on the NYTimes food blog (he’s also started off well and vividly as the Times’ new restaurant critic).  This week, he’s doing Q&A on Thanksgiving dinner, and warns of (some of) the hazards of frying a turkey:

Q.  I’ve heard suggestions of brining the […]

Could there be newly discovered evidence in the 1964 civil rights worker murders?

Jerry Mitchell had an interesting pair of stories about the possibility of further prosecutions for the murders of civil rights workers Schwerner, Chaney, and Goodman in Philadelphia in 1964.

Recall a while back Jerry Mitchell had a story about a former inmate who had material for a tell-all book based on information he got […]

Open Thread and Meditation on Ole Miss Football

So life is interferring with the internet– I spent five hours today at a school hearing, and come out to deal with all the other stuff accumulating while I’m tied up, and learn…

…a bartender at the City Grocery says that the betting line in Vegas opened with Ole Miss the favorite by a […]

The Sixth Circuit Tells Funk Fans Something They Already Know

— that George Clinton owns “Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yeah,” thanks to Atomic Dog

It seems that a rap group on the Universal label had a song about a dog that used the phrase from “Atomic Dog,” and the Sixth Circuit held this to be copyright infringement.

Bridgeport claims that “D.O.G. in […]

Some notes on Mississippi Supreme Court opinions from 11/14/09

I’ve already posted about the Mississippi Supreme Court opinion in the Jones, Funderburg case (and one reaction to it) from last Thursday’s decisions list.  There are several more opinions; I’m going to hold comment on one about state government and about a criminal case with a short order; below are comments about what I […]

“We lost enough money last week on the game.”

Some people may have overreacted to those orange-wearing visitors.

h/t Kingfish.

Big Orange? Wandering Around Town Today

I noticed all these people in orange, and thought:  What does this remind me of?

My first thought was pumpkins, two weeks late for Halloween.

Nope.  That’s not it.  Then I realized what I was seeing:  This is the color of county prisoners in jump suits, out doing pick-up on the highways.

It was […]

I’m sorry folks, this is not Robert Johnson’s birthplace

The Clarion Ledger has a story about Robert Johnson’s birthplace in Hazelhurst.  Local officials claim to have discovered it:

His birthplace, however, has been verified. The seminal bluesman came into the world in 1911 in a well-crafted home built by his stepfather in Hazlehurst.

Now, 71 years after his death, local officials want to […]

One reaction to the Supreme Court’s Barrett v. Jones, Funderburg decision yesterday

Grady Tollison writes:

As I read Barrett, et al. v. Jones, Funderburg, Sessums, Peterson and Lee, PLLC, the only interpretation is that if a group of lawyers acting in concert in the collective interest of the group moves the court collectively to move a case to arbitration as the act of the partnership and […]