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The Sprague, then and now.

Dr. X has a pair of color photos from the 60s in Vicksburg (the above taken in 1963) that bring back major childhood memories for me, of visits to my Great Aunts Cecelia Freeland and Elizabeth Cossar in Vicksburg.  They both were regular cast members in “Gold in the Hills,” the 19th Century […]

What They’re Thinking In New Orleans

The new cover of Gambit is not online, so here’s a photo of it.  Cover story here.

A return to a familiar theme

This is from John Besh’s restaurant Luke, on St. Charles just before Poydras in New Orleans.  The Oysters yesterday were from the same place.

What we have here from left to right is a country terrine wrapped in Alan Benton’s bacon, a duck liver pate, rillettes, and last but not least…

once again, […]

Law enforcement reaction to the DNA evidence preservation bill.

Essentially, it’s “Where are we going to put this stuff.”

For a Mississippi law enforcement reaction to something that protects the rights of the accused, that’s pretty benign.

Update: Be sure to check out the comment by Innocence Project Director Tucker Carrington, explaining the legislation and the storage provisions.  This was also discussed […]

Some notes on Judge DeLaughter’s motions and a response to Alan Lange

In an interesting post, Alan Lange reads the pile of motions in the DeLaughter case and notices that they present an attack on the offenses relating to the alleged bribery scheme (that is, the mail fraud and bribery counts) but not the count based on lying to the F.B.I.

He’s right, of course, and […]

RIP Aubrey Mayhew, “renegade and visionary” country producer

M.K. Aldin sends along an obit for Aubrey Mayhew, “a renegade and visionary who produced some of the edgiest and most unusual music in Nashville history, died Sunday in hospice care. He was 81.”

Mr. Mayhew ran Little Darlin’ Records, where he produced wild sides for Johnny Paycheck, including “(Pardon Me) I’ve Got […]

Open thread

Here’s that open thread some where seeking.  More later.


I’m not sure I require a leave from you guys, but I’ve been out of pocket.   The foregoing photo accounts in part for my absence.  Food reports to follow when time permits.

Judge DeLaughter’s Motion Barrage, Part Five: Co-Conspirator and Grand Jury Motions

The final two motions filed by Judge DeLaughter (not counting the motion to admit his new lawyer) interrelate and attempt to raise questions about how the prosecution is being conducted.   In one, DeLaughter is seeking a hearing on the admission of co-conspirator statements.  The motion asks:

(1) for a pretrial evidentiary hearing; or, in […]

John Hope Franklin on Fresh Air

Really remarkable interview, available here, in a tribute to Franklin.  H/t Tucker Carrington.